Struggling with productivity? This is for you!

August 25, 2016 by Mauro Bex

Mauro Bex Struggling with productivity

Lately I´ve been struggling to manage my weekly tasks and daily “to do´s” but fortunately! Last week I found something that was really a game changer.

Going through the “excuses lane” is no longer an option anymore, so I have to share this with you guys!

Last week I came to know an entrepreneurial couple based in London, that have their business kicking ass. One of the amazing products they´ve created is called Productivity Planner (you need to check this out), and their company is called Intelligent Change (how cool is that?). Getting a push from my (also) entrepreneur wife, I decided to order the planner. I´m only in my 1st week of using it and I must state that it works tremendously well! It´s so funny how a small decision can make so many things change, right?

I´ve tested a few formulas and tried a few tricks to organize my agenda, but so far (and by far) this one is the best option I came to know. It cuts the bull**** and goes straight to what´s more important, not to what is urgent. I won´t say much more, because trying it yourself is the best way.

I can teach people to acquire focus, to improve the way they breathe and they manage their emotions, to implement changes in their lives that will shift the way obstacles and challenges are faced, to even manage time, but this planner is an organization boost to the quality of your work, making you achieve and stick to what matters. Ultimately, it will make things flow much better, not just in work but in the rest of your day.

How does it feel to end the day with a sense of accomplishment? I know you know how good it feels…

And remember, as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”, so keep that in mind.

Enjoy your day!

See you in a couple of weeks,


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