Struggles with choosing your swimwear this summer? Not anymore.

June 1, 2018 by Melissa Blaauwendraad

Kendall Jenner swimwear

Posing at the beach, on a boat, flamingo, unicorn or just on the side of a pool .. We’re all guilty of doing these things for a perfect photo or glimpse of that hot guy. A cute bikini or bathing suit can’t be missed is crucial for getting perfect pictures and looking super hot this summer!

Picking the right swimwear is an every year issue. Besides the fact that there are thousands of different and beautiful bikini’s, it’s like a miracle if the top and the bottom both fit perfectly during your first fitting and that you’ve found the perfect one immediately. Then we have the bathing suits, which are totally hot this summer! Sounds amazing, but it is also hard to choose which one is the cutest and the size is always a struggle because every suit fits different.

To make it a bit easier, we have a list full of beautiful, stylish and cute swim wear! For every size and every wallet.

1. Elsa & Rose
Talking about cute…. Ever heard of the Elsa & Rose swimwear? They literally sell the cutest bikinis and bathing suits which look a bit like lingerie. The web shop is extremely popular because it’s perfect for all sizes of girls. On the pictures, you see the white bikini top with powder pink lace details. A light push-up effect with removable padding. Tie on back and neck for optimal fit. Powder pink bikini seamless bottom with medium coverage – showing not too little, not too much. In other words, it´s the perfect cut!

The prices are between 15$ – 80$ 

Elsa and Rose swimwear Elsa and Rose swimwear

2. Yandy
Wanna have the hot baywatch look on the beach? is full with stylish, sexy and cool swimwear and we’ve got two favorites for you! With the Yandy Baywatch Lifeguard bikini (24,95$) and the Yandy Baywatch Lifeguard Swimsuit (39,95$), every guy in the sea will act like they’re in trouble. The red color makes you outstanding such as the golden and marine blue details.

Yandy swimwearSwimwear candy

3. AliExpress
You might be a bit skeptical about this one, but I can guarantee you’ll be very happy after you’ve seen this. AliExpress is known for its cheap, China made products and mostly the quality is not so good. BUT, if you search the right way, read the feedback and look at a number of orders, you might just have a VERY VERY good deal.
If you’re looking for bikini’s this website is perfect. For example, this ‘Marble Bikini Set’ which is very beautiful and it costs you only 6,80$.

NOTE: If you’re. a size S, order an M, if you’re a size M, order an L.
Marble Bikini

4. Zaful
Another one of our favorite websites is Their swimwear is very popular among famous YouTubers (like Tammy Hembrow&Alexis Ren) and bloggers and if you check out their website, you will understand why. Especially their vintage swimwear looks super cool.

zaful Tammy hembrow

5. Kendall + Kylie Swimwear (TopShop)
Very hard to get because they’re sold out in like a minute, but they’re so so cool. Of course, we didn’t expect anything else from the fashion queen sisters, but their swimwear collection makes us crazy! It may cost a bit, but then you have something. The prices are between 35$ – 161$. So don’t hesitate and get your own.
Kendall Kylie jenner swimwear collection

Kylie Jenner swimwear


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