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December 11, 2018 by Modellist-ID

style upgrade 2019 fashion

A few scrolls on Instagram or some time spent in front of the TV is all it takes to see that fashion has quite a significant power in an individual’s life. The way you dress certainly says something about you, and if you are a creative person, you have probably used fashion on more than one occasion as a form of expressing your personality. However, considering the rather fluctuating nature of the fashion industry, you can often make mistakes in this department, which may slightly affect the image you are trying to portray. If you are ready to embark 2019 with an upgrade in the style section, knowing what you need to do to up your fashion game might be helpful. These following suggestions will provide you with the support you need on the matter, so look into each one carefully.


Quality comes first!

The most important rule you need to remember is that the quality of the items you wear can easily be spotted, and it will influence your style in one direction or another. If you want to maintain your looks impeccable, what you have to do is always double check the quality of the items you choose to buy and put on. It’s better to have fewer pieces in your wardrobe but ones that have been designed with quality in mind rather than numerous cheap items that will look aesthetically unappealing and will probably feel uncomfortable wearing. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a blouse or a jumpsuit, make sure it’s designed out of a high quality material and with attention to detail.

Embrace the layering trend

You can’t just put on a dress and a pair of shoes and expect your outfit to be fashion magazine-worthy, as great as the two might look together. If you want to upgrade your sense of style, you’ll need to embrace the layering trend and start learning how you can mix various types of elements together. Jackets, scarves, blazers, jumpers, cardigans – add different types of clothing elements on top of each other, and create that layering effect that is known to be aesthetically appealing. It may seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of this trend, you’ll start loving it.

It’s all about authenticity – wear unique elements

An impeccable style isn’t you copying your favourite fashion influencer’s looks entirely, but rather keeping your own way of dressing authentic and unique. The elements you choose to put on should suit your personal taste and say something about you, and you won’t manage doing that if you shop solely for mass-produced clothing items that anyone has access to. Become a bit more selective with your clothing purchases. Nowadays, you have a virtually endless variety of online shops that provide you with a great selection of items, which means you won’t have problems accessing elements that fit your criteria. Vintage items or vintage-inspired clothes are an example of what you should be looking for. Considering the vintage process is unique, opting for this specific type of fashion will allow you to keep your looks more authentic and inspiring. So next time you are checking out an item, ask yourself: is it unique? Will it add authenticity to my appearance?

The difference lies in the details

Whether it’s an oversized brooch with an abstract design worn on a formal blazer, a hat, some earrings or a pair of gloves, a perfect outfit is completed only if you add the right accessories to it. Details matter when it comes to fashion, and the finishing touches incorporated can either make or break your entire ensemble. Increase your collection of accessories and never leave the house with an outfit that hasn’t been properly accessorized. Even a single pair of glasses can influence the way your overall attires looks like, so this is not something you can skip on. If you are a fashion lover and read blogs on the subject, follow fashion influencers on social media and browse through the latest magazine issues, you probably know already how much accessorizing counts.

Keep it casual!

What you should know about the latest fashion trends is that they all promote comfort. If you check a few photos of inspiring looks, you’ll see that the majority of models or fashionistas are going for flats, high heels being less preferred. Because you can only look as good as you feel, keep our looks casual and comfortable.

style upgrade 2019 fashion

From Left: Lela Rose, Carolina Herrera, MSGM, and Ports 1961

Don’t be afraid of colours!

It can be tempting to put on a monochromatic outfit, or to stick with black for the majority of your outfit combos, considering it’s less likely to make a fashion mistake this way, but will your style be as drawing as you wish? Probably not. While all black looks have their undeniable appeal and role, if you want to stand out, you should start wearing more daring, vibrant colours. Colour coordination isn’t a strict rule when it comes to modern fashion, so you can feel free to make your own combos, even if they may seem rather unconventional. A maxi, flowy, electric blue dress will work great with an orange jacket, creating a look that certainly stands out from the crowd. If you have been used to making dull choices in this department, make a change, and replace beige, white, black, brown with colour tones that are more lively.

Fashion is a great way of expressing yourself. Through your style, you have the opportunity of creating an image in the people you come across without even having to say a word. The role of first impressions is undeniable even in today’s modern society, so using this factor to your advantage can help you in various areas of your life. Make sure your style is up to date and leaves exactly the impression desired by following these few tips. You can be a fashion inspiration anywhere you go, as long as you keep some important pointers in mind.


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