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November 4, 2016 by Wilma Svirins

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One of my favorites cities to visit is Copenhagen. I’m in love with its cultural and modern features. Even though it’s not that far away from Sweden you can spot a clear difference between the trends, people, restaurants, boutiques and the community over all.

If you have been to Copenhagen lately but still does not agree with the text above I know what’s gone wrong..

Copenhagen is also a centre of tourism, so on there are several “typical tourist spots”, most of them located in the tourist spot no. 1 – Nyhavn (New harbour). The whole area is filled with tourist traps (trashy restaurants, kiosks, boat tours etc.) I have to admit that I have eaten at one of these restaurants once and it sure fulfilled my expectations with the quite pricy yet “bad” fast food combined with bad service. Ugh.

So, back to the positive part! Walking down the shining streets of Strøget you will pass many boring looking side roads – WALK IN TO THEM! That’s where all of my (and most Danish Instagram profiles) favourite spots are located.
I personally LOVE the cafès/restaurants listed below!

– Atelier September. My all time favourite! Here you can enjoy heavenly good avocado spread sandwiches, granola/fruit bowls and matcha lattes. Also, their interior is 100% photo friendly. Hihi.

Wilma Svirins fashion model blogger copenhagen

– Sticks n’ Sushi. A place where you get the best service and Michelin restaurant like dishes to a really fair cost. You have to try their fried shrimp maki rolls!
Wilma Svirins Fashion Model blogger copenhagen hotspots– Hotel Chocolat. It’s more of a boutique actually, but they do have a small bar and two cozy tables. As the name reveal everything inside this shop has chocolate as its main ingredient (e.g. Chocolate pasta, spreads, drinks etc.). I would consider it a perfect gift shop! And if you’re a hot coco lover..^^

Wilma Svirins Copenhagen

– Umami. A Michelin star awarded Asian restaurant (open hours: dinner) with the most unique and interesting tastes. Great service and cozy “expensive” looking environment. Yummy drinks and the perfect spot for a date night out!

Wilma Svirins Copenhagen

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