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October 15, 2015 by Chloe Haldane

Sleep in style fashion

Pajamas, night time beauty tips and the best bedtime snacks, we’ve got you covered for the most stylish of sleeps.


sleeping style 2The H&M night shirt is a fashionable piece for those who prefer the no-pants look. The loose hanging material gives way for a comfortable nights sleep. Black and grey silk stripe pajama set from Victoria’s secret is made from the perfect material for body temperature regulation. They’ll keep you warm on winter nights and cool during even the warmest of summers. Feel like a Victoria’s secret angel in the pretty pink pajama short set. Made from soft cotton with a beautiful cut it’s a perfectly cute pajama design.

sleeping style 3Sleep eye masks let the brain sense the total darkness and thus melatonin is produced allowing a relaxing sleep. Melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleep cycle.

People who have sleeping problems might also benefit from the use of earplugs to block out any noise.

Bedtime snacks

sleeping style 4While you sleep your body still works so having a nutrient filled bedtime snack allows your body to be nourished in turn balancing your blood sugar levels throughout the night, this also helps your body shed off the days excess calories!

Bananas are great bedtime snacks because they are a natural source of melatonin. Their high levels of potassium and magnesium act as muscle relaxants and so a relaxing sleep is guaranteed.

sleeping style 5It’s not just a myth! Drinking a warm glass of milk before bed will help you fall asleep quicker! Milk contains tryptophan which relaxes your body. After a stressful day this bedtime snack will relax tense muscles, soothe nerves and help your body’s release of melatonin.

Night time beauty essentials

Leaving makeup on while you sleep is a big beauty no. The chemicals block pores giving rise to pimples, aging of skin and eye infections.

sleeping style 7As you sleep your skin renews itself so it’s important to allow it to breathe. After a day of makeup use Sephora Express cleansing wipes to remove makeup and hydrate your skin without leaving your face looking oily.

sleeping style 6Apply Mary Kay timewise night solution gel facial to rid your face of makeup molecules. The molecules in your makeup decrease collagen production, the compound which keeps your face wrinkle free. Mary Kay gel facial is perfect for all skin types and gives an instantly visible firmer and exfoliated face.

The better you sleep at night the healthier you’ll feel during the day!

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