Skinny Legs & All, Cape Town

August 5, 2013 by Sanny Bartlema

Skinny Legs & All

‘Skinny Legs & All’ owned by 23 year old twin sisters is simple, honest and located in a former gallery in the beautiful Cape Town. No it’s not a gym or some sort, but a luxury café where you can enjoy a healthy lunch or homemade drink in a light simplistic environment. Skinny Legs & All does not follow the forever-changing trends and sticks to its own vision; ‘a place where the design is timeless and the quality of the food shines’. The café is named after the Tom Robbins book ‘Skinny Legs and All’, in which two characters own a restaurant in New York.
As Skinny Legs & All is located in a former gallery, it’s more than logical that it also displays art of the previous landlord João Ferreira. So while visiting this place you will not only enjoy all the healthy delicacies, but also the fine art from Ferreira’s private collection.

Skinny Legs & All was a tip from our model member Sanny Bartlema and here’s what she has to say about this place: “This artistic little restaurant is across the road from the main casting studio, where most of the castings are held. So many models pop in before or after their casting to have a delicious coffee, or a yummy lunch. All the products are healthy and fresh, and my favorite is definitely the homemade carrot cake!” You can read Sanny’s entire interview and more about her favorite hangouts here;–fashion-model-sanny-bartlema.html.

Address: 70 Loop Street, City Centre, Cape Town

Phone number: +27 (0)21 423 5403


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