Skin Care – Make It Yourself – Tips By Fashion Model Jordy Tulleners

July 9, 2015 by Jordy Tulleners

This is probably one of the most exciting posts I’ve ever written. I get to share some great news with you!

Ready for it? …

Here we go: There is a way to use quality and organic products on your face that doesn’t cost a fortune!

Instead of walking into Sephora (where they only sell a few organic products) or into WholeFoods, which basically makes you poor if you go with the high-quality organic stuff… you can now make it yourself!

My friend, also nutritionist, shared a wonderful tip with me the other day: “look at the label of your favorite organic moisturizer… take out the main ingredients and Make it yourself”.

Wait, hold on a minute! Make it yourself? Ooooh yes! No, you don’t have to be Demi Lovato to create your own skin-care line (Devonne)… all you need is a good pair of eyes to analyse the labels of your favorite skin care products.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I love using jojoba oil for my face… so let’s go ahead and check out how I made my own lotion in just 3 simple steps! 

1. Find a container

– Use a small glass bottle, this will be holding your home-made moisturizer.

2. Jojoba oil

Fill up this bottle half way with jojoba oil. I bought this bottle while being at GNC, it’s classified organic and also being sold at WholeFood (you know when they sell it at WholeFoods, it must be good!)

Benefits of Jojoba oil:

– Works as an antioxidant: prevents acne

– Keeps your skin hydrated

– Lessening the appearance of wrinkles

– Is packed with vitamine E

– Helps regenerating the skin cells

– Can also be used for your whole body and hair

3. Rosehip oil

Finally add some rosehip oil in it and mix it well with the jojoba oil. This mixture will hydrate and nurture your skin.

Benefits of Rosehip oil:

– Heals scars, age spots, burns

– Natural acne and eczema treatment

– Restore elasticity

– Protects against sun and pollution stressors (don’t skip your daily SPF 😉 )

– Reduces redness in the face

– Great treatment for dry skin

4. Optional
I know many people add argan oil to the above mixture… but I’m currently sticking to twhat I mentioned. They have worked very well for me so far 😉
Feel free to post a comment below… I’d love to know what works for you!

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