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July 29, 2013 by Annewil Hokken

SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers

Amsterdam Fashion Week was opened on Friday the 12th of July by SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers. For Modellist-ID I was attending the show and I really like to tell you about it!

The show began with a jolly French song and in the background you saw the beach with the waves of the sea. The sisters of Spijkers en Spijkers took us on a walk during a warm summernight. The collection was inspired by Brigitte Bardot and the old fashion from the 50’s. This was evident in the romantic dresses, full skirts and squared motifs. The floral prints and geographical forms were combined with light blue and fresh yellow stripes and checks. The clothes are wearable and provide comfort for every woman, which is the signature of Spijkers en Spijkers.

The show gave me a happy feeling and I’ve definitely seen a few items that I will wear myself! Have to wait till summer 2014…

Photo above: by Team Peter Stigter

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Annewil Hokken


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