Silver is the New Blonde: Learn to Love & Take Care of Your Grey Hair

August 15, 2018 by Modellist-ID

Even if some people might find it hard to believe, silver is the newest big hair trend that has taken the world of hairstyling by storm. People from all over the world are now ditching the hair dye in the hope of ending up with that perfect grey shade. It is no longer something to be ashamed of, on the contrary. In this article, you will learn everything about the silver hair trend, including how to love and take care of it.

Learning to Love Your Grey Hair

In the past, grey hair had often been associated with becoming an older person. This is the most common reason so many people have started concealing the natural evolution of their hair. However, modern times are now teaching us that this should not be the case anymore. Before diving even deeper into this subject, people should first know the main reason hair goes grey.                                                         

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It seems that as we age, the cells that produce the pigment in our hair begin to die. Scientists from all over the world are still trying to figure out the precise reason why certain people go grey much earlier than others. Apparently, it all has to do with our genes. Still, regardless of the scientific factor, everyone should learn how to love the beautiful and new color of their hair, no matter what.

Here are some simple tips:

  • Follow the example of famous actresses like Helen Mirren or Jamie Lee Curtis who have always been proud of their beautiful grey hair. For men, who can ignore the famous George Clooney and his iconic grey hair?

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  • Build up your confidence based on other people’s compliments and be inspired by how proudly certain people wear their silver hair.

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Ladies, Take Care of your Grey Hair!

When you first start noticing the first grey strands in your hair, you should know that it’s time to slightly
tweak your hair care regimen. Don’t worry! This won’t require extraordinary changes that will
completely alter the course of your everyday life! In fact, the difference is in the little things that will
help your hair maintain that pretty color for years on end.
Here are a few ways in which you can take care of your grey hair without much effort:
o Swap your regular shampoo with a hydrating one.
This is necessary because without the pigment called melanin to maintain its bright color your
hair will now be very vulnerable to discoloration. In part, this is due to the pollutants in the
environment. Your hair might become dull or even yellowish, but don’t worry! A hydrating
shampoo will most certainly protect your beautiful grey hair.
o Deep-conditioning your hair is mandatory!
The next step would be to find a good conditioner that contains antioxidants and will protect
your hair from any environmental damage and the harmful UV rays. As for the deep-
conditioning treatment, apply it once every week to restore and maintain your hair’s natural
moisture. This comprehensive list of best grey hair products might help you a lot when choosing
the best alternative for you.
o Invest in a toner shampoo!
A toner shampoo is a product that has been specifically-designed for grey hair and which needs
to be applied about once every month. In fact, these products contain cool-toned hues which
offer your gray hair an even more beautiful look. Moreover, they get rid of any yellow tones
while giving the hair a pretty sheen which makes it look fresh. You can try mixing a toner
shampoo with your regular shampoo until you find the right balance and the tint that you like.


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  • Keep away from perms and heat styling!

It’s extremely important for someone with grey hair to keep away from perms or exaggerated heat styling in general. These habits will not help your hair look better. On the contrary, they will dry it out even more and damage it.

In case you are not sure how to get that perfect shade of silver for your hair, this guide might help you. It offers various tips and tricks on how to achieve that hue and how to maintain it for a long time. This fairly new trend will certainly not go out of style anytime soon. So, it would be a good idea to do some research and find out everything you can about it.

In Conclusion

Finally, it seems like it’s high time for every person out there who still feels the urge to cover their “silver crown” to just stop it. Modern times call for modern approaches, even when it comes to hair and its color. So, if you are still struggling with the gray hair blues, relax! At some point, everybody will get there. However, the trick is to accept the natural course of life with open arms and embrace change. If you can also think of it as trendy, which is the truth now, everything becomes much clearer. Every age is beautiful and full of happy moments. We just need to see and enjoy them.

 About the author: 

Elaine Goodman is a fashion enthusiast and senior editor at MenHairStylist. Elaine’s blog collects and exhibits only the best looking and trendy hairstyles. Have no worry there is a hairstyle for you, no matter what type of hair you have. After writing and publishing is done for the day, Elaine likes to sink her remaining time into a good murder mystery novel.



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