Shabby Chic, Dusseldorf – Off The Beaten Path

December 17, 2013 by valerie

Tucked away in the Mediahafen, the redeveloped old commercial harbor of Düsseldorf which is now a very popular district for its bars and restaurants, you will find this very cool unpretentious restaurant behind big antic doors. First you enter a small bicycle park area, then up the stairs you arrive at the entrance of this nice place. The (mostly) antic interior is cozy, relaxed and very interesting…truly shabby chic. And if you really love the chair you are sitting on, you can just buy it! The crowd is lovely and fun and the staff extremely friendly. Besides the great atmosphere, the food is amazing, using very healthy and pure ingredients. It already starts with the bread and olive oil they serve…The olive oil is very young and prepared with all kind of herbs like for example ginger…It tastes so good! To give you even a better idea of what they serve, hereby a sneak peek on their New Year’s Eve menu (hopefully your German is good;)):

So if you really want to have a great, relaxed evening out, Shabby Chic will definitely be a great choice!

Address: Wupperstraße 14, Düsseldorf

Telephone number: +49 211 69990926


Opening hours: Mo-Sat from 18.00

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valerie Founder of Modellist-ID and specialized in marketing and fashion. She also works as a personal stylist. In daily life, she is a health freak and therefore loves to share tips and recipes with you.


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