Season – Fit Fast Fresh!, Hamburg – Tip By Model Member Claudia

September 25, 2013 by Claudia Weis

When I stayed in Hamburg last week I got a little bit of a cold. I had to shoot 2 days in a row, OUTSIDE! Freeezing! So I needed some extra vitamins. I searched online for a good and healthy restaurant and I found this one: Season, Fit Fast Fresh! It’s truly amazing. You can pick your plate (different sizes) and fill it up with amazing vegetarian options. Plus they got amazing healthy juices as well! A must go!


Address: Schauenburger Str. 49, Hamburg & Rathausmarkt 2, Hamburg

Telephone number: +49 (0)40 97074074


Opening hours: Schauenburger Str. 49: Monday to Saturday 11 am – 6 pm

Rathausmarkt 2: daily 11am – 7 pm (on Thursdays open until 9 pm and by agreement)

Tags: bites, drinks, Tips

Claudia Weis Model @ Max Models (rotterdam) Owner/Founder Hungry for Healthy Food


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