Salon 39 – Have An Amazing Cocktail In Salon 39

October 24, 2013 by Modellist-ID

Salon 39 is a cocktail bar and restaurant in the Frederiksberg neighborhood of Copenhagen. It is a small place with an amazing ability to mix a few ingredients together to create outstanding flavors in both food and drinks. It started out as a cocktail bar founded by two Copenhagen friends, a chef trained a Michelin-star restaurant and a trained bartender from Hotel Vier Jahrzeiten in Hamburg. They wanted to create a great cocktail-bar while serving a few simple dishes and snacks so people would stay around instead of leaving to go get food elsewhere.

Address:  Vodroffsvej 39, 1900 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Telephone number: (+43) 9208039


Openings hours: Wed-Thu, 16:00-23:30; Fri-Sat, 16:00-01:30

Tags: drinks


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