Saffron Restaurant In Mumbai (jw Marriott Hotel) For Indian Food

December 16, 2014 by Jonathan Augustijn

When in Rome…huh…Mumbai…you don’t want to miss out on the Indian cuisine! But where to go when you’re physically (or mentally) not ready for street food yet?

We went to the cozy Saffron restaurant of the JW Marriott Hotel in Mumbai for our first Indian food experience and it certainly wasn’t disappointing. When arriving at the Hotel, the immense lobby is an impressive sight – and apparently hosts amazing NYE parties – but the wonderful gardens and swimming pools outside aren’t too shabby either.

The buffet area in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hotel

The gardens and swimming pools overlooking the beach and sea

The first thing we noticed when we entered Saffron was the stage on which two people were playing traditional music which certainly enhanced the experience. The live performance, together with the cozy dim lighting, comfy chairs and very kind and attentive staff was one thing, but let’s be honest, we came for the food!

Traditional music at Saffron

Saffron promises ‘authentic Awadhi cuisine from the royal homes of Lucknow’. While we weren’t completely sure what to expect we were advised to take the Chef’s Menu, which also offered a vegetarian or fish option. And yes, we would also advice you enjoy this choice, although we’re sure the rest of the menu will be equally delicious.

The complimentary amuses

Unfortunately, we can’t reproduce all the names of the dishes we had, BUT we have pictures! We started off with some very delicious snacks as an amuse, after which we could have gone home happily, but the feast continued with various types of beautifully roasted kebab as the appetizer, and then 3 types of curry allowing us to compare and enjoy some of the many tastes India has to offer.

Three types of curies

After several servings (the staff made sure we wouldn’t leave the restaurant hungry or that we would have to take any food from the bowls ourselves) we were quite satisfied when the waiter announced he would go get the rice with lamb if we were ab-so-lute-ly sure we didn’t want any more of the curries. Admittedly, a little worried about how we would be able to eat any more, the lamb was delicately cooked and delicious, so we managed 😉  

Who wouldn’t want to dip its fingers in this?

Lastly, for some, the most important part of the meal: The Desert. If someone can help us out with the name for this dish (see picture), that would be appreciated cause we were really curious how this is actually made and where it originates from. We did ask and the yellow dish is made from a thickened milk and tastes kind of sweet, while the ‘doughnut’ is kind of and a doughnut..only softer in a sugary syrup. Not completely diet-proof we must admit, but a gastronomical/cultural experience is worth a few sacrifices in the gym, right?!

Desert time!

As we walked out of the restaurant we felt it wasn’t quite right to end such a wonderful night just yet, and decided to check out one of the other places at the hotel: the AROLA restaurant & bar from some Gin & Tonics. A definite place-to-go for those who love their GT’s (they have the widest selection of the country!), life music and cool design, so read all about it here.


G&T’s at AROLA


JW Marriott Hotel

Address: Juhu Tara Road , Mumbai (Bombay) 400049, India

Reservations: Phone: 91 22 66933344


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