Roos & Jo Meets Paris!

July 6, 2014 by roos van der steen

Bonjour Paris! As we already mentioned in our previous ‘welcome blog’, ROOS&JO is an online mental practice for fashion models.

After our first introduction steps we are very excited to conclude that the fashion world and fashion models on Dutch soil are very pleased to welcome our initiative. All are convinced ‘the new sustainable way of modeling’ does not only involve staying fit in terms of physical health, but will also require attention for one’s mental condition, since this undoubtedly will be tested sooner or later while working as a fashion model.

Our vision is all about prevention. Of course we want models to reach out to us when experiencing mental and emotional issues. However using our services before the ‘issues’ occur, will help you the most to accomplish and keep that positive mind-set that helps you enjoy your personal and professional life the fullest.

We were pleasantly surprised (and happy :)) when Celine Prins (Founder of Modellist-ID) invited us to come along with her to Paris and visit the French agencies to introduce Modellist-ID and ROOS&JO. Together with fashion model and nutritionist, Michelle den Hollander (partner of, we managed to arrange several appointments with the bookers of Women Management and Nathalie, Viva, Premium (former Ford) and Martineswomen.

Because of its reputation, at first we experienced Paris a bit nerve racking ;-). Everyone has a certain expectation what the fashion world and the bookers can be like in Paris. But it was really nothing like we expected!

The bookers were truly happy to have us over, very curious and positive to hear what we had to bring to the Paris’ world of fashion and its models. There seems to be a big ‘change of mind’ the agencies have these days on what ingredients healthy modelling should have in terms of the proper support. We were more than pleased to see the general attitude was much more open than it was 10 years ago. Because of this, we see potential for cooperating in the near future. The first small international step in the movement of our mental support service has been made!!!!

Of course we’ll keep you posted on our progress:)

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roos van der steen <p>Roos van der Steen is a fashionmodel for many years. Besides being a model, she is also a certified psychologist. Together with certified mental coach, Joey Steur, they started the online practice ROOS&amp;JO.</p> <p>With ROOS&amp;JO they offer mental support especially for fashionmodels. Their goal is to help the models create a positive mindset, finding their own strength as unique individuals, as well as being a model. Upon achieving this, models are then able to perform better in the world of fashion as well as living their life the fullest!</p> <p>For more information go to</p>


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