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January 18, 2017 by Sebastian Kok

Sebastian Kok Rollor Technology crease free traveling suitrollor

This blog is about my experiences with the Rollor. Many of you will now think ‘what kind of product is Rollor exactly?’. It’s an innovative product for men and women who travel a lot and always have problems with the crease-free transport of their clothing. As a solution, Rollor has been developed.

Sebastian Kok Rollor Technology crease free traveling suitrollor

The Rollor works as follows: roll up your suit, blouse, shirt, pants, dress or tie in this smart system and once arrived at your destination, you can roll it out again and wear it as if they have just yet come from the dry cleaner.

After receiving and unpacking the Rollor, I used it immediately. I always have problems with wrinkled shirts when I travel. When I regularly use my suitcase, often my blouses are wrinkled when I arrive at my destination. Usually there is no time or opportunity to iron the wrinkled clothes as well. This was a good reason for me to start testing the Rollor.Sebastian Kok Rollor Technology crease free traveling suitrollor

Instead of using a suitcase, this time by using the Rollor, I easily transported some blouses crease and wrinkle free to several places. It is also really easy to use at airports. Normally you can bring 2 pieces of hand luggage if you are traveling by plane. Therefore, you can bring a Roller and a suitcase too; this combination works perfectly 🙂


After trying the Rollor I can really recommend this product. I will certainly use this product more often, because I know now that the Roller works effectively. It makes travel life a little bit easier. #lifehack

+ Points

Clothing remains wrinkle-free

Beautifully finished

–  Points

Explaining at each airport what it is

Not all of your clothes fit in the Roller


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