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January 13, 2017 by Dorith Mous

stox dorith mous socks energy model

Creative in so many ways and always on the run… Yes we’re talking about a fashion’s favorite: Dorith Mous. Whether it’s for modeling jobs, her own photography, working out or adventurous holidays, movement and energy are a big part of her life. And that extra bit of energy might just be the thing to turn great into the greatest. Here’s what she has to say about her new Stox energy socks:

Run, fly, run, fly, run. And…? Recover!
Jetlag, sore muscles and fatigue make for swelling, shin splints and slow recovery.
On a recent 11.5 hour flight I wore my flight Stox to compress my calves agains swelling or hurt and what do you know…? Much less trouble getting my feet planted firmly on my holiday destination. What a relief.
dorith mous model black white fur cheeckbonesBesides; they come in funky colors for the rainbow lovers and in black, for the darkly dressed; like me. Win!

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Dorith Mous Model Photographer / Film Maker Based in LA / A'dam


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