Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent: The Best Gift for Men This Year

July 31, 2018 by Modellist-ID

Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent: The Best Gift for Men This Year

It is hard to impress a man who is up-to-date about every product release and fashion trend out there. But we might have just found the solution for you as Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent could be the best gift for men in 2018.

Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent is a classic. Released in 2003, the perfume has managed to stay among the top choices of men worldwide. The manufacturer claims that Rive Gauche gives men what they want from a perfume and women what they expect from a man. Since Eau de Parfum contains 8%-14% perfume oil (while Eau de Toilette only has 5%-9%), our article focuses on the former.

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What Makes Rive Gauche by YSL Unique

Rive Gauche for Men was launched over thirty years after its female version appeared. The man behind it was Jacques Cavallier, who also developed Opium Homme, Ultraviolet Man, and Issey Home. Although the scent was initially available in a refillable and intense version, the one released in 2003 has maintained the product popular.

Rive Gauche can be the best gift for men when you consider its masculine, yet elegant and sensual scent. It is also part of one of the best product lines that YSL has ever released. You can find out more info on Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent for men and 9 other best-selling YSL men’s colognes from Pro Luxury Style’s comparison review.

The Unique Characteristics of Rive Gauche

You recognize the best gift for men wrapped in a perfume packaging by its:

  • Top notes: A fresh and fruity bergamot citrus scent you might find familiar and spicy tones of star anise and minty-flavored rosemary.
  • Heart notes: Relaxing lavender to balance the senses and spicy cloves and geranium leaves to add a subtle yet masculine rosy wrap. There’s also coumarin which sets the tone for the base notes this perfume leaves behind.
  • Base notes: Sweet patchouli, vetiver, smoky and sensual Gaiac wood, wooden oakmoss.

What Type of Man Would Love the Rive Gauche

As you might already know, the smell of a fragrance can be altered by several factors like the natural smell of a person’s skin, age, mood, stress level, diet, the body’s personal chemistry, and current medication. Oily or dry skin also changes the perfume’s persistence through the day. Being aware of how those factors alters the fragrance will help you make a decision on whether to purchase the eau de perfume, eau de toilette or eau de cologne.

1.     The Sensual Man

Do you know those men who exude sensuality and make sure they always have a seductive look and a perfect smile? They might appreciate this perfume. Such men are usually connoisseurs of high-end fragrances.

Rive Gauche is the best gift for men who typically dress in suits and take care of how they look even when going to the grocery store. These men see perfumes as necessary accessories and cherish them. Rive Gauche will find its place in a carefully-built collection of perfumes which define their usage by each clothing style and occasion. Sensual men don’t have a huge shelf of perfumes. But each product has a special reason to be there.

2.     The Joyful Man

Optimistic men prefer perfumes that define them. The Rive Gauche Pour Homme fits into the Aromatic Green olfactory family. When Cavallier created it, the master perfumer gave the product a fresh sparkle.

Rosemary, bergamot, and star anise take the elegant perfume to a fresh and joyful area. Also, the heart scent of lavender balances the senses and sends a potent message. A man who is almost always in a good mood will understand the complexity of Rive Gauche.

3.     The Model

Men who practice modeling care about their looks and keep themselves flawless. They have healthy diets, take sports, and use specialized products for the hair, face and even the eyes. Male models might already know this perfume, as well as every luxury fragrance that appears.

Models usually expect the latest releases of perfumes, clothing, and accessories as gifts. The more exclusive and premium the gift is, the better. You will surprise a model by offering him a classic fragrance that was released many years ago but still remains in the all-time top 5 of YSL products.


Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent could be the best gift for men this year on any occasion. This perfume by Yves Saint Laurent takes gift choosing to the next level since many men and women recognize it as badass in a bottle, according to user reviews. Try on the perfume and discover why it has become so famous!



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