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January 9, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Tony biosil on your game review

Exercising, playing different types of sports & games, and training has been a central part of my life since as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a small kid I’ve been active in every type of sport involving the best bouncing object out there in the world: a ball ;). Always competing on the highest (amateur) levels out there brought me a lot in life.

Along the way it has become more and more difficult to balance a professional career and the commitment to team sports. That’s why my focus has shifted to more individualistic exercises. Working out in the gym has become the best way for me to wind down after a long day. Plus the dedication required to shift personal boundaries pays back in daily life as well. Committing to an intense training regime requires discipline that delivers not only benefits for your body but for your mind and soul as well. But what’s working out without goals? What’s training without competition? These questions and others pushed me to engage in an athletic field that I wasn’t comfortable in… yet.

Biosil on your game review

I decided to commit to an Olympic distance triathlon, 1.5km swim in open water (the Thames in London), a 40km bike ride and finishing off with a 10km run. All distances by itself are not that challenging, but combined and in sequence they demand a lot from your body and mind. Especially if you’ve been focusing on power and strength training for the majority of your training regime and less on cardio. Switching like this has an impact on your entire body and besides altering your training regime you need to rethink your diet and supplements as well. Due to an increase of cardio exercises my joints and muscles needed extra attention.

Biosil on your game Review

That’s where Biosil on your Game supplements really added value. It ensured that any pain and discomfort after a cardio exercise went away and that I was able to stay on track of my training regime. Without it I would not have been able to get my miles in required to go the distance. Part of my discomfort and pain is due to injuries from the past, some I thought I would carry for the rest of my life and stay bothered by it. However, thanks to the Biosil on your Game supplements I was able to compete in London and reach my goal of completing the triathlon in 3 hours.


Video credits: Samuel Prins

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