Raw Vanilla Snow Balls

December 14, 2016 by Dali

raw vanilla snow balls healthy recipe zonderzooi

Raw vanilla balls are my favourite healthy snack because they’re a good combination of quick energy and healthy fats. All you need when you’re busy and need some extra power to keep on going.

These are a bit more special, the grated coconut gives a snowy effect. That makes them the perfect replacement of the ordinary Christmas cookies. The good thing about raw treats is that you always know there aren’t any nasties added. The cashew nuts are a source of healthy fats, which is important for your brain. Medjoul dates are full of vitamins and minerals, grated coconut is bursting of fibre and vanilla beans contains the mineral manganese. Together those four ingredients are a lovely combination of flavours. Try them and you will not be disappointed!

(Makes 12 balls)

125 grams medjoul dates
70 grams cashew nuts
30 grams grated coconut
1 vanilla bean

Food processor

Mix all the ingredients together in the food processor for a few minutes. Make sure everything is chopped well into little pieces. Roll 12 balls from the mixture with your hands. Lastly, apply a bit of grated coconut on a plate and roll the balls per piece through the ‘snow’. Put them in the fridge for 10 minutes to get hard and enjoy!

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