Putting Biosil to the test

November 17, 2016 by Lian Schreuder

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Supplements that make you hair, nails and skin look like a million bucks, yeah right! Who still believes in pills that do anything for your looks? Well, I do now!

While typing this blog, I’m banging with my strong nails against the keyboard. If I would have done that three months ago they would have been breaking and splitting right away. I will tell you about the secret that made this happen…

Three months ago Modellist-ID gave me Biosil to try and review. The packaging promised stronger nails, healthy hair, reducing fine lines, more volume in the hair and stronger bones. Well, that’s quite a promise. If you want these results, you take one pill twice a day. That’s something I’m not good at, I even forget to drink enough water sometimes. But I figured if I wanted to want to write an honest review, I’d have to at least follow the instructions on the package. I was sceptical about the promises, so to be sure I didn’t miss any changes, I made some notes in my diary every week and took a few photos along the way.

Biosil Lian Schreuder fashion model strong nails hands

Week 2

Week 1
No change (took the pills every day, twice a day. Proud of myself!). 

Week 2
No change. (Forgot to take the pills on a trip to Hamburg, missed taking 3 pills).

Week 3
Nope! (Took the pills every day. I just have them with me in my handbag, it reminds me to take them).

Week 4
Not sure, but it seems that my nails are stronger. My nails have always been splitting, but that seems to have stopped! (Did forget to take the pill once).

Biosil Lian Schreuder fashion model strong nails hands

Week 5

Week 5
This week I got some complements on my hair twice, could it be from Biosil? Nails are still doing well. (Didn’t forget to take any pill, I think I’m getting a little enthusiastic about this).

Week 6
Lots of bad hair days this week. Nails are short again, I had to do some gardening, and long nails are not suitable for this. Well maybe if you’re going for the grunge look it could be, but thats not really my thing. (Forgot only once, I’m getting good at this!).

Week 7
My hair feels good again, it seems less brittle. Nails are doing great! Skin seems to be the same as always. (Took all the 14 Biosil’s this week!)

Week 8
It’s been a busy week, lot’s of traveling and working. My hair and skin seem to deal with all the stress better, been getting some compliments from hair & make-up artists. (And again I’ve been doing well with taking the supplements).

Week 9
I forgot to write something down this week, oops!

Week 10
Ok, I’m convinced Biosil works. Wish I discovered this years ago. My hair is shiny and healthy, my skin seems plump and my nails are so feminine! The fine lines around my eyes got les visible, but maybe I’m just imaging that.Biosil Lian Schreuder fashion model strong nails hands

Biosil supplements do work!
For years I’ve been saying to friends and family that pills aren’t doing anything. That you just have to eat healthy and that you can’t change your looks with a pill. Well that changed. Of course eating healthy, and organic in my opinion, is the best thing you can do to your body. I do believe now that helping your body with supplements is a good idea. The biggest change for me are my nails, but also my skin and hair seem to have had a boost. I can’t say anything about the effects on my joints and bones, this could be honestly tested by someone who has injuries or is a little older than me.

Last week they asked for my ID twice, and this week again!! To buy wine you have to be 18 in The Netherlands, they thought I was under 18…It must have been my new radiant skin 😉

Lian Schreuder Biosil review fashion model beautiful hair nails

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Lian Schreuder Lian has been a fulltime fashion model since the age of 14. She worked for all the big brands like Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger, and graced the covers of Madame Figaro, Biba, Marie Claire and ELLE. Less glamorous but just as fun, she likes to get her hands dirty in the garden and play carpenter around her lovely home. Cooking, yoga and drawing are part of her relaxation ritual. Besides her international career, this busy bee is also enforcing the team of Modellist-ID.


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