Professional Closet Organizers Will Never Tell You These 10 Secrets

May 27, 2019 by Modellist-ID editor

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You may think that the car you drive defines you, but the real deal is your closet. How you have organized it plays a significant role in how you organize yourself in real life. A clean and planned closet is the best. It makes it easier for you to prepare in the morning, but you also get more space to hang your clothes and place your shoes. For some reason, professional closet organizers can never tell you everything. They have their secrets, but here we will let out ten cats out of the bag.

  • Don’t Fill Spaces with Random Stuff

If you see an empty space, there is something you should know before using it. Don’t fill it with random stuff just because there is room. I’m sure you don’t store everything in the same drawer or shelf in your office.

The basic principle in organizing your closet is grouping things: pants with pants dresses with dresses, thongs and undies in one drawer, etc. That way, you won’t have to search for items.

  • Hang Strategically

The easiest way to mess your closet is hanging your clothes when your mind is thinking about the pasta cooking in the kitchen.

Concentrate, and hang tops, blouses, and skirts in the built-in shelves, and hang the long dresses and pants when there is nothing underneath.

  • Empty and Clean Your Closet

Pull out all clothes from your closet and decide between the ones that you will be using again, and the ones you are donating. Clean the closet properly by wiping down the shelves, scrubbing the dirt, and vacuum the carpet.

After you are done, rearrange the clothes in perfect order, ensuring that your sexy dresses mostly remain in front where you can take them out easily.

  • Items Should be Stored According to Frequency of Use

If you use a specific cloth once a year, what’s the purpose of stashing it in the center or front?

Lesser used items should be placed on the back or on the high shelf to create room for daily-used pieces.

  • You can Use an Entire Room as a Closet

No closet space in your bedroom? Worry not! You won’t have to share a bed with your clothes or fill the bathroom. Turn your office or any spare room into a closet.

That way, you will have the entire room to store your stuff. Besides, you will be taking advantage of that extra space.

  • Everything Fancy, Delicate or Sturdy Goes to the Hanger

Maybe you have an entire space to hang all shirts and T-shirts you own, but if the only spacious closet you know is in a Beyonce’s video, hang only the obvious stuff.

That means that delicate items like your skirts, dresses, lingerie, suits, coats, and blazers should be hanged. Ensure they are facing the same direction with longer items on one side while the shorter ones are on the other.

  • A Ladder is Essential

You need a ladder near the closet, and it should stay there rather than somewhere else where you will always begin a journey to and fro to pick it to use it. A slim stepladder is convenient.

You can also use a stool to access the highest corners of the space.

  • Hang Your Rod Higher

You may be as short as Alicia Keys and wondering whether I have hidden motives. The ladder is your friend.

Yeah! It sounds silly, but if the bar is higher, it means there can be more room below to place some Tees or squeeze a dresser under the hanging clothes.

  • Use Coordinating Hangers

Nothing creates chaos in the closet like a collection of hangers trying to live in disharmony. It’s almost impossible! Use matching hangers to solve the problem.

Ensure you invest in hangers that serve the purpose. The most preferred ones are the sturdy velvet hangers.

  • Stagger Shoes

You can fit more shoes on the shelves if you place them with the right facing front and the left one facing back or vice versa.

Let the toe of one shoe and the heel of the other face the same direction. In other words, do a “69” with the shoes.


Every human being you believe is organized; they start at their closet.  It’s a fundamental part of every person who wants to dress well for the day. The secrets are out! Now, they are yours to utilize.


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