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July 4, 2015 by Mauro Bex

Reality vs Present

Two fascinating concepts!

There is a lot of debate about these notions.

Ancient philosophers, Scientists, Masters, etc… show us that there is a large spectrum of ideas and theories about the present (time) and reality (space).

One of the most exciting paths for me is the one shown by Quantum Physics. It has brought up the perception of reality to another level of approach.

For example, when scientists perform certain experiments, the results vary depending on how the observer perceives the experience itself: my reality is conditioned by my perception of the world (and for sure each one of us has a different perspective of those same experiments).

See the video below:


When this experiment was conducted, throwing a laser beam that passes through one and two gaps called “Double Slit Experiment”, the result changes depending on the presence or absence of the Observer! Crazy huh!

Another fascinating theory for me, is the one from the Vishwa Sara Tantra, ancient Indian text: “What is here is elsewhere: what is not here is nowhere.”

Please take a moment and re-read the sentence a few times:

 “What is here is elsewhere: what is not here is nowhere.”

“What is here is elsewhere: what is not here is nowhere.”

“What is here is elsewhere: what is not here is nowhere.”

Ok, let’s continue…

This magnificent sentence tells us a lot about our reality and our present, knitting space, time and reality into something unique and very personal…

The big idea here is personal change and growth. It´s the perception we have of the world and our surroundings that will make us shift the state of mind we live in, the decisions we make, since the moment we get up in the morning and live each day.

This simple sentence shows us that we should not struggle, we should trust the process, that we should focus on the here and now, because that is all we have… But also that we create our own path somehow.

If you wake up in the morning and assume that day is already going wrong, you will be surprised about how the rest of the day unfolds, probably in an unpleasant way.

If you do the opposite the next day, being positive, thankful for what you have and what´s ahead of you, trusting yourself and everything happening, then the result will be extraordinary awesome!

What changed then? Your reality, your present and how you decided to live your present… Again: “What is here is elsewhere: what is not here is nowhere.”

The ancient science of Yoga we use in Manifesto108 teaches us plenty of it.

You practice it and you apply it in your life. In everything. All the time until it becomes part of you.

We work towards elevated levels of consciousness, we teach people out there that they are all they need, which is the key concept to build new patterns of reality!

With this valuable knowledge, everyone becomes in total control of the journey.

Everyone IS what it takes!

To finish, I´ll leave a suggestion for the summer, one of the best books about Tantra (which has nothing to do with sex, I will explain this on another blog): “Tantra: The cult of the feminine” by André Van Lysebeth.

Enjoy your summer and please leave a comment below on what your definition of: “What is here is elsewhere: what is not here is nowhere.”

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Mauro Bex In 2003 Mauro graduated as a DeRose Method consultant in Lisbon, Portugal. At Paris, he was part of the organization committee of the DeRose Culture in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He was part of the consultants that gave a practice in the DeRose Culture in New York City, in 2010. He travelled throughout the years to improve his professional skills and assisted to over 50 workshops with DeRose himself in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris and Lisbon. With more than 10 years of expertise in high performance and lifestyle coaching, Mauro started:Manifesto 108, a concept that is described as “A statement of belief; a place to inspire and help you create the best version of yourself”. Currently living in Amsterdam, Mauro loves to cycle through the city, to enjoy the stunning Dutch landscape with his little daughter and to cook for his wife. Learn more at:www.maurobex.com or get in touch:info@maurobex.com


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