My 4 favourite hidden places in the city of light

September 7, 2016 by Lorien Verachtert

Paris is always a good idea…Today I’d like to share my 4 favourite hidden places in the city of light!

  1. Bookshop Shakespeare and Company 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 5th Arrondissement

Close to the Notre-Dame, a little bit hidden behind a small park, you can find the most amazing bookshop ever: Shakespeare and Company. It is an old, English bookshop. A paradise for literature lovers. In the shop you can find, second hand books, antique books, old books in a new edition and modern literature, all in English. It’s like a dream if you’re a frequent reader or if you just love to watch books. Everywhere you look there are books, pictures of writers and book quotes. I spent almost 2 hours wandering through the rooms fully stocked with books. When you enter the shop, it is like entering a different world, a literature heaven.

Lorien verachtert Fashion model Paris hotspots city of light2.     Villa Léandre

In the heart of  Monmartre in the 18th arrondissement you can find a dead end street called ‘Villa Léandre’. The houses in the street are little villas with a very British look, a rare thing in Paris. One of the houses even wears a sign that says “Downing Street SW1 City of Westminster.” It is a really beautiful, unique and quiet street. Posing in front of such a pretty villa gives you amazing, non-touristic vacation pictures. For me the street is like a hidden reprieve from the hordes of tourists that pass Quartier Monmartre.
Lorien verachtert fashion model paris hotspots city of light

3.     The Museum of Romantics
16, rue Chaptal, 9th arrondissement

The museum is located in the neighbourhood of “New Athens”. The street where it is seems rather ordinary. But when you arrive at number 16, you will find a gate and behind it a rear-located house with a wonderful small garden including a green house. The museum itself is a house from 1830. It contains an amazing collection about the French Romanticism: jewels, clothing, furniture, paintings, marble statues,… It is like you are time travelling to the setting of books like Madam Bovary or Wuthering Heights. You can even sit in the garden, drink something and eat a homemade cookie or pie. A lot of locals come to sit in the garden, so you will feel like a real Parisienne.
Lorien Verachtert fashion model paris hotspots city of light

4.     The stairs of the Saint-Étienne du Mont Church
6 Place Sainte Genevieve, Quartier Latin

The Saint-Étienne du Mont church is located behind the Pantheon. If you’ve ever seen the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris, you will recognize the stairs of this church immediately. It is on these steps the character of Owen Wilson starts his time travels to the world of the 1920s and he returns to them every night in order to experience the era he loves so much. You find the stairs in a curving back street with cute little bistros, which remind you of the roaring twenties. In the same street are some small jazz bars located. It is definitely worth strolling through this street.
Lorien Verachtert fashion model paris city of lightThese were my four favourite hidden places in Paris. A great tip is to just wander through the streets around the popular places and get a little bit lost. Then it is guaranteed that you will find some nice and unique things, hidden from the eye of the common tourist.



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