Our Modellist-ID Vogue Fashion Night Out Experience

September 5, 2014 by Modellist-ID

On the 4th of September we were honored to organise a small event in collaboration with Vogue’s Fashion Night Out at Bonebakker, the eldest jeweller store in the Netherlands which is situated in the Conservatorium Hotel. It was a great success with lots of model members, bloggers and creatives that joined us during this `get together`.

Mark Cox, who also celebrated  his birthday on this special day, launched his first design for Modellist Creations. His design is inspired by all the cities and skylines he discovered during his travels. You can buy the shirt by clicking on our webshop.

Also trendforecaster Antoinette van den Berg had a great speech regarding our beauty ideas and the future of what we see as a trend today. She officially launched the first tutorials of our Modellist Beauty Essentials videos filmed by Clipable. In the upcoming days we will  launch the video on the site. You will see the first 4 video’s featuring our members: Mendy Smits, Ovo Drenth, Barbara Kroese and Tera Feberwee.

Member Roos van der Steen and Joey Steur, also told something about their mental coaching initiative called Roos & Jo. Their aim is to support fashion models around the world.

The drinks were served by Moet and Chandon

Dj and member Nadia Palesa was the dj of the event….

Given (http://itsgiven.nl/) gave some beautiful outfits to some of our community members….

After the get together at Bonebakker, a nice group of members went out into the street in order to enjoy the nice weather and the Vogue Fashion Night Out vibe in the PC Hoofstraat and wearing nice Bjorn Borg outfits.

Later a group of Modellist-ID members also went to have a look at the clothing store of the brand 1manshow in de PC Hooftstraat…

to end the great day at the afterparty of the Vogue at the Rijksmuseum…

Thanks all for this great day and see you next year during the next VFNO!

Hereby we would like to thank: Vogue NL, Bonebakker, Conservatorium Hotel, Moet & Chandon, Clipable, Frecious Slow Juice, Bjorn Borg, OneManShow, LEV Amsterdam, Backbone International, Healthy People, Given, Beau D’OR, Biominerals, FlyFit, ShakeTheWorld, Roos & Jo, Bolden, Eyeforce and Touche Today.

We also would like to thank in special: Jonathan Augustijn, Carolien Vogelpoel, Naina Madan, Jacqueline Vizee, Martijn Meeuwsen, Sharona Blom, ODA, Nadia Palesa, Tera Feberwee, Roos van der Steen, Joey Steur, Annewil Hokken, Marius Hordijk, Mark Cox, Ovo Drenth, Antoinette van den Berg, Friso van Lanschot, Ola Plonska, Mark Rosman, Barbara Kroesse, Roos Jansen, Bente Hilkens who helped us out a lot during the preperation of this event and obviously also all the enthousiastic people present and supporting the Modellist-ID platform.

x Valerie & Celine




Would you like to see more pictures of the event? Click here for the pics on our facebok page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.819771991418327.1073741835.518992198162976&type=1

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