One Of My Favorite Places: Sydney

April 30, 2015 by Georgia Todd

If I had to tell you everything I loved about Sydney, My blog would definitely exceed its limits.. so I had to narrow things down and here it is:

My favorite things about my trip to Sydney…

1. The food:

It actually baffles me how the food can be so amazing in a place where the people are all so fit! Must be all the kale our fellow Australian’s throw in their dishes!

2. The amazing beaches:

Don’t get me wrong, Cape Town is known for their amazing beaches.. But wow, from Bondi to Bronte, Sydney definitely doesn’t disappoint. I was extremely excited to visit one of the most talked about places in Sydney: Bondi.. I fell in love.. Its like a little suburb filled with everything you need; cute little restaurants, shops, cafes, juice bars and a beach..what more could a youngster living in Sydney want?

3: How active everyone is:

I honestly found myself being more active in my two weeks off being in Sydney than I have this whole year, haha! I think the reason for this is that it’s easily accessible.. The parks, beaches, coastal walks and sidewalks are filled with exercise machines.. one would think that that’s a girls worst nightmare: being faced with an exercise machine and feeling obliged to use it.. not in this case! Being active is the norm in Sydney.. Which brings me to my next point…

Georgia Todd Sydney

4. The love for Nike’s:

Every person in every shop, restaurant, beach, mall, cafes, owns a pair of Nike’s. I think it’s more of the norm than an obsession. Thank God I brought my baby’s with me otherwise I would definitely feel out of place…


– Cali Press ( juice bar )

– The Pavilion in Tamarama

– The Bondi to Bronte coastal walk

– Bondi Junction

– Manyana beach

– Sydney Opera House & Harbor Bridge

– Three Blue Ducks ( restaurant in Bronte ) – Bondi Icebergs

– Bondi swimming pools

Georgia Todd Sydney Fashion Model Cali Press Georgia Todd Sydney Fashion Model Beach

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