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November 21, 2016 by Dali

From oats to peanut butter, I explain you why I eat these things every day. daily essentials zonderzooi

Wondering which products I use every day? I made a list of my favourite daily essentials. From oats to peanut butter, I explain you why I eat these things every day.

1. Oats
A few years ago when I started to eat more clean and I discovered oats. They’re absolutely the number one of my daily essentials. Only if I’m on holiday and there are no other options, but otherwise I always choose oats. They give me a satisfied feeling, are bursting of fibre, complex carbs and very yummy as well. I like to be creative and use different toppings every day, so it never gets boring. My favourite topping at the moment is with baked banana and roasted coconut chips.

2. Organic whey protein
Protein is very important for my body because I’m at the gym almost every day. Whey protein is a supplement, which you don’t need if you can get enough protein out of your daily diet. I use it after my workouts, to get some quick protein in and feed my muscles. For me it’s important that it’s natural and without any nasties added. Right now I’m using the chocolate flavour from Ekopura, which has a light chocolate flavour and isn’t too sweet. Exactly what I need!

3. Peanut butter
As you all probably know, I can’t live without peanut butter. Most days I eat it on a rice cake as a snack, around 4 PM. Ir’s the perfect snack that keeps me going until dinner. The peanut butter I buy is always natural, like 99% peanuts and 1% salt. My favourite one is this crunchy one from Horizon.

4. Bananas
Bananas are the best! The best snack when I’m in a hurry and also great on top of my breakfast. The best bananas I ever ate were in Bali, so sweet that they tasted like candy.

5. Green tea with ginger
Since it’s getting colder outside I drink tea every day. Green tea is good for your body, but plain green tea tastes like nothing right? So I like to drink green tea with a ginger flavour. The one I always drink is this one from Zonnatura, which has a bit added cinnamon and licorice root as well.

6. Soy yogurt
Since I’ve reduced my dairy intake I feel much better. When I ate dairy in the evening I couldn’t sleep at night because my throat feels mucous. Moreover, I always felt very bloated after eating dairy products, so I’ve swapped my regular yogurt for soy yogurt. The funny thing is that I’m one of those strange persons who loves the bean taste of soy yogurt, so I just eat it plain. The perfect pre-bedtime snack for me.

7. Nuts
Nuts needed to be in my top 10 daily essentials as well, because I can’t live without them. They’re a great source of healthy fats, which are important for your brain. In the morning I use a little handful of nuts on top of my oats, to give my breakfast some extra crunch. Also, by adding healthy fats to your breakfast your blood sugar levels will stay stable and you’ll be less hungry.

8. Raw bars
When I’m too lazy to make my own raw bars I buy them. Those bars are mostly made of mixed nuts, dates and some spices. They’re very filling, something I need when I have a long day at work. My favourite one is cacao orange from Nakd, the combination of those two flavours is just amazing.

9. Tofu
Tofu is my favourite kind of plant-based protein at the moment. I love the fact that it’s prepared in five minutes, so great when I’m in a hurry but still want to eat something wholesome. Most times I prepare it very spicy, which is good for my metabolism as well. Here you can see how I make my tofu.

10. Zucchini

Zucchini is great for everything, but mostly for making zucchini spaghetti. It’s the best thing if you want to reduce your carb intake, but still want to eat spaghetti. This summer I ate it a lot with avocado and dill sauce. Now it’s getting colder I bake it shortly in a pan with mixed vegetables and tempeh.


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