My Thai Experience

December 6, 2018 by Siya Dzingwa

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2018 has definitely been the best year so far for me, having achieved most of the things that I had wished  for the year! So therefore I decided to end this year by  taking a holiday to Thailand, though I must say having had such a busy schedule for the year, it was well deserved!

Thailand experience model traveling Thailand is absolutely one of the most beautiful places to visit and you experience that when arriving there as you absorb its magnificent island views. Long hour flights are definitely not my favorite so having arrived there and not even waiting for more than 5 min to being picked up was already a treat for me.

Thailand model travelingTouring the City was great as you see so many of its heritage sites, such as the Big Buddha, its many Temples and the breathtaking views in Amphoe Mueang were you see the Chalong sea view from the top of the hill. Phuket Wat Chalong  town offers an interesting mix of architecture including Sino – Portuguese. This town has been the backdrop for many western movies as it is said to be very similar to Indochina. It’s  also admiring to learn more about the Thai culture and traditions and also the charming historic streets of Phuket Town.

Something I really loved about the Phuket was for its love to produce its own, seeing the Big Bee Honey Factory  was a lesson, The Big Bee Honey farm is a place that sells all things honey. You get to see the bees and how they make the honey and then you are brought into a big store where you can shop all honey-related products. In all honesty, it is quite expensive for being in Thailand but I bet you that it is all organic and really good quality!

elephant thailand model travelingSome of the activities I really enjoyed was the jet ski, snorkeling in Phi Phi island and its wild and nature areas such as an intimate and fun experience with the elephants. These activities include feeding and bathing with the elephants which is engaging as well as entertaining at the same time.

Patong Beach has a really busy night life where you can literary stroll around the beach side at night and it would seem as if its still day light. Me being a sea enthusiast, I would honestly take a walk  every morning just  to enjoy its  tranquility especially in the morning which was definitely worth waking up for.

The experience overall was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone!


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