My Perfect Day In Mumbai – By Fashion Model & Writer Julia Datt

October 2, 2014 by julia datt

My Perfect Day & Night Out in Mumbai!

Mumbai is a city which is all about the pursuit of pleasure. So, if time were no objection, here is what my perfect day and night would look like…

I would leisurely wake at 10am and head for breakfast to The Yoga House. Their healthy, light meals put me in just the right mood to start the day. 

After breakfast, it’s time for some exercise in the yoga studio next door! All those asans and stretches really open out the body and energise me for the day ahead.

Next, I want to pamper my body. Let’s grab a traditional Thai massage at AromaThai or indulge in a body wrap and facial at Seven Seas Spa.

It’s now 1pm, hungry again! I stop in for lunch/high tea at Nido in Bandra. I feel like I’m in Paris everytime I’m here!

After lunch, I’m dying to go for a swim. I do so at the Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu, overlooking the beach.

Now I’m off to do a spot of shopping at Palladium Mall – Zara, Chanel, Burberry all under one roof! I’d catch an early evening show at the Comedy Store there too.

Dinner would be at Cheval in town, drinks at Ellipsis and dancing at Alibii. 

All in all, a perfect day!

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