My model hotspot: Cancun, Mexico

December 10, 2015 by Jose Valdez

Jose Valdez Male Model hotspot

I wanted to share my experience of my vacation at Cancun, Mexico. This was my first trip to Cancun but after this trip it will definitely not be my last visit.

I had an amazing time from the hotel I stayed in, the food, the weather, the culture, and the night life. I am extremely sad I had to leave because I fell in love with the place.

Aqua Cancun Jose Valdez

I stayed at Live Aqua hotel which is right in the middle of the hotel zone of Cancun. First you arrive and you are greeted like royalty. Your bags are taken to your room and you are given a nice relaxing hand massage. The hotel is all inclusive so you really don’t spend money at the hotel unless you want a bed on the beach or any of the spa treatments. The room I was placed in was extremely clean and beautiful. The bathroom had a Jacuzzi and a shower so you can choose which one you like best or use both. All the rooms in the hotel have a view of the ocean but there are some which cost a bit more which point directly to the beach. The hotel itself has 5 pools, four which are connected to one large infinity pool that looks like it falls into the ocean. The hotel has a variety of restaurants which offer Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and sea food.  There is also a buffet with great selections if you do not want to go to the restaurant. The staff of the hotel are all very helpful and make sure they treat you the way you want to be treated.

Night life wise Cancun is amazing. Almost all the hotels have bus rides every night to head downtown where all the clubs are located. This is about a five minute ride from Live Aqua. There are also buses you can take for 12 pesos (Less than a dollar). The buses are very safe and the downtown area is as well. Many people are skeptical about the downtown area but it’s full of tourist and you will be completely fine. The clubs range from 40 to 60 dollars but it’s open bar the whole entire night until you leave and trust me you will have a good time. There is a lot of dancing and shows the clubs put on.

Jose Valdez Model Cancun Excursions

Cancun also has great excursions for you to enjoy. Me personally I swam with dolphins, went to the Mayan temples, went zip lining, went to a water park called Xcaret, and went to a cave which has a natural body of water you can swim in. I had such a blast especially with all the excursions. The excursions price per activity ranges from 99 to 150 dollars but it’s worth it. Just know most excursions have shops and pictures you can take which are an additional cost.

Jose Valdez Model Cancun Dolfins

Overall I had an amazing time in Cancun. I went in November which is considered their winter but it is still in the mid 80’s. I would advise if you go zip lining or to the Mayan temples to bring sun tan lotion and bug repellent as these activities are in the jungle. I also advise that you do not change money at the airport you will be ripped off as they exchange rate is very low. I would wait until you get to your hotel and by your hotel there will be places to exchange money. I also advise you to just change your money into pesos you come out winning depending on the currency of your native country.

Positive Thoughts,

Jose Valdez

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One response to “My model hotspot: Cancun, Mexico”

  1. Ken Devo says:

    Awesome, I hope you had fun in Cancun! Hit me up next time you visit.

    Live Aqua is one of the better hotels indeed. For a more authentic taste of Mexico I’d recommend people rent something downtown. It’s easier to get around that way to the sights in and around Cancun. Check out for accommodation and for tours and such.


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