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March 25, 2015 by Celine Prins

Three weeks ago I got asked to get a special treatment at Hannah’s headquarters. As you might know, Hannah is a renowned brand in skincare from the Netherlands, which has been around for ages and was founded out of a passion for skin improvement in 1979.

Located in the East of the Netherlands a place called Voorthuizen, Hannah has found a peaceful environment for their headquarters. I found myself in a beautiful house in the midst of nature on an early Monday morning which, coming from the hectic city life, was already a special start of the day to me. I already had heard about Hannah since some model colleagues recommended their products and treatments to me so to be honest I was very curious.

Once inside, Melissa was the one who took charge of me. She is a friendly and passionate beautician who followed a special education in Hannah style,  in order to be able to work there. I first got introduced to some interesting tests. She started by giving me a beautiful insight in their skin-testing method.

What happened next is that she took pictures’ of my skin. I had to go into a scanner and they directly told me the percentage of my irritation level, and pigmentation development. Apparently I didn’t have an irritated skin but nevertheless the scan showed some pigmentation showing up which wasn’t really visible to me with my bare eyes. Good warning message for me for upcoming summer 😉

After this test I went to a room upstairs in which I got asked to lay down in the chair with a lovely heating system and she put on some relaxing tunes. Then she did 5 other tests with me in order to investigate my skin condition on 5 different levels:

  • Fat-content of my skin
  • PH-value
  • Erythema
  • My moisture content
  • Melanin

Hannah developed different tools in order to measure it and basically what happens is that they take the ‘skin analyzer’ and place it on your skin. Melissa started by giving me a neck massage in order to unwind and settel down. She followed by cleaning my face thoroughly with a warm face cloth.But the best part of my whole experience was the connective tissue massage. This is a ‘facial massage’, revolutionary in its kind and scientifically proven. This massage stimulates the oxygen supply, blood stimulation, skin uniformity and skin radiance. If your blood stimulation is optimal, it easily absorbs nutritious substances. Basically a lot of acne and facial lines are caused by a bad blood circulation. My whole face was twinkling afterwards and it ended up being very red.

After this session I got taken back downstairs where she gave me advice on my skin conditions and what she think. She also gave me my Hannah’s Skin passport where all my values on the 5 different measurements were given.

On the basis of the outcome, Melissa gave me some advice on products I should use in the future and handed me over the following products:

Cleansing MilkSensitive Skin Lotion

Vitamin Complex AlsoOxys Genes Touch of Silk
All of them have to be used in the morning and evening.

I have to say the results I have got so far are really impressive. I have seen direct results and even a bigger proof of concept is that it was noticeable by others. People told me directly that my skin was ‘shining’.

Even after three weeks I can tell a real difference, my skin is astonishing and trust me I can be very sceptical about skin products…. In all honestly this has been a superb experience which I recommend to anyone.

Thanks Hannah for this great treatment and we keep in touch!


Hereby some information about Hannah:

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Celine Prins Celine Prins is an international model that lived in major cities around the world like; Paris, Sydney, New-York, London and Barcelona just to name a few. Next to modeling she loves to be an entrepreneur and help out the community.


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