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July 7, 2016 by Charlotte Goyvaerts

Charlotte Goyvaerts Model Blogger Festival

Hi everyone! For the people who don’t know me personally: music marks a pretty important part of my lifestyle and I’m not exaggerating. You’ll be able to see me listening to music on daily base and a lot of those times, all day long! In my car (loudly singing a long), backstage at showrooms and fashion shows, singing on the stage of theatres, while modeling during a photoshoot, on concerts I attend, while working for my company Créalier and every chance I get in between! (Imagine how great it would be if I could actually sing properly?)

So, past weekend, when I could enjoy a little holiday, I decided to attend the festival “Rock Werchter” which isn’t that far away from where I live.

My first time on the meadow of Rock Werchter was when I just turned 16 of age. Because it’s in the area of my hometown, a lot of people I know attend the festival. Which makes it all much more fun every year! Every step you take, you’ll be shouted at by a friend or a long lost classmate where you were going to have drinks with right after the festival, but actually haven’t seen since the Rock Werchter before. And yes, you’ll make the same traditional deal again! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go there the past three years because I was working aboard… but luckily my friends have always send me short movies of the artists I loved, so I was able to take a little Rock Werchter with me everywhere I went. This year though, I was able to catch up on my music by watching some of the amazing artists who played at the festival this year!

Charlotte Goyvaerts Model Blogger

Because there were a lot of amazing, admirable artists playing on the multiple stages of Rock Werchter, I decided to make a little bucket list of must-sees… Here are just a few artists that made it to my bucket-list (trust me when I say there were a lot more!):

  • DAY 1: Kaiser Chiefs, Jake Bugg, Paul McCartney, Disclosure, Flume, Sigma live and Years & Years.
  • DAY 2: The Van Jets, Black Box Revelation, The Offspring, Rammstein, Oh Wonder, Trixie Whitley, Daughter and Parov Stelar.
  • DAY 3: Goose, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Editors, Bazart, Badbadnotgood, Alessia Cara, Lost Frequencies, Paul Kalkbrenner, Mura Masa and Tame Impala.
  • DAY 4: Iggy Pop, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Florence + the machine, Elle King, Alice on the roof, Foals and Jamie xx.

Because there were three big stages (Main stage, The Barn and Klub C), I wasn’t able to see some of the artists play their whole show, but trust me as I say I seriously tried to see as much as humanly possible (even with the horrible weather we had to conquer)!

But, having that said, I’d like to give you my top 5 (trust me, it was really difficult to choose JUST 5) performances for when you still doubt to go and see some of these amazingly talented artists. Trust me when I say you’ll be sorry if you’d miss these:

  1. Years & Years: It was actually not the first time that I’ve heard them play in real life, but I was so incredibly touched by their first performance, that I really wanted to see this one as well. And yet again, I was not disappointed! I mean, if the front singer (the astonishing Olly Alexander) has to stop singing because the audience is singer louder than he is… You should know the goose bumps you have will stay there whole night through… Seriously, these guys have got talent, moves, can put an audience on fleek and can give you goose bumps you’ll never get enough from. I’m seriously addicted on their live-performances! It’s not just their performance, but also the smiles on their faces and the genuine thanks you’ll get from them because they’re that grateful!
  1. Daughter: Her soft voice, her breakable smile, her even shy looking eyes while she’s looking in that crowded audience… They say it all. I was touched by their sincere laughter and sparkling eyes while they were singing their amazingly touching songs, with lyrics gone well. They couldn’t have explained these broken, lovable feelings better with just words. Their songs are soothing for the heart and pleasing for the ears! Just go there, close your eyes, and feel what I’ve felt.
  1. Paul McCartney: The legend, the man, the voice, the past and the presents of presents on this festival. Do I seriously need to say more? This man is worth gold and I’m honored to have been able to see a live performance of him! Yes, I’m a fan and yes, I admire him for every song he has ever written and the honesty he puts in his performance. I do not know about his tours, but I do know this is a man to look up to and if you’re lucky enough to see him on a stage… take every chance you can get to be there!
  1. Bazart: Not only are a few of their contemporary, dark, dreamy indie pop songs in my playlist top 50, these Belgian guys are also really kind in person… which makes it even more admirable to watch them play on stage! The way they feel their audience is just sublime! Their performance is real and honest. You can feel their good vibes running through the audience the whole way through! It was the first time I was able to see them live and it was one of their first big festivals of this summer, but if you speak Flemish/Dutch (their songs are not in English, sorry folks!) and you’d be able to watch them in real life… GO (seriously) and be amazed, because you will certainly NOT be disappointed! I’m already looking up their tour, just to see if I’d be able to see them again pretty soon!
  1. Florence + the machine: A seriously honest and pure ending of the beginning of festivals in Belgium. Their songs are powerful, and so are their lyrics, performance and heart. It was a blast to have seen them play in real life, taking over the audience and (seriously) everyone on the meadow! The perfect closure of a beautiful festival.

I could probably write letters about ALL the artists I’ve seen on these stages. The power, the wonder, the smooth music to my ears… were all well played by every single artist on this meadow. But, the ones that reminded me how to breathe, are the ones that have ended up in that ridiculous-hard-to-make TOP 5 of mine! Not only a huge thanks to all these artists, but also a huge thanks to Rock Werchter to make this ridiculous amazing-line-up come reality… I’m already counting down to next year!

Warm regards,


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Charlotte Goyvaerts Charlotte Goyvaerts was born in Belgium on the 3rd of November, 1991. Her passions are modeling, acting and dancing. Her first dance on stage, in front of a live audience, was when she had just turned five years of age. A few years later, in addition to dancing, she started "word" and "drama" classes and immediately fell in love with acting. She played many key roles in the city theatre, did a lot of musical workshops and in 2004 she got her first big roll in a short movie called "Opa Rennt". Eventually Charlotte quit theatre so she could focus on her school career. A few years later she enrolled in the modeling industry. Since she was young she knew that she would like to devote her passion and effort on being a successful model and actress.. All this in combination with her own business for children called Créalier. Her life spirit? "When I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of doing big things. I'm not about to disappoint myself. So, when I'm old and grey I'd be able to tell my grandchildren that their grandmother has been able to follow her dreams, just because she believed in them.


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