Modellist-id Adventures Mumbai Part 3 – By Naina Madan

November 17, 2014 by Naina Madan

Day 3 has been a fun, exhausting and a bit of a surreal day!

It started with the most amazing, wonderful, everything you can dream about breakfast bar. I could not decide where I wanted to start and what I wanted to eat so I went with the basics but tomorrow.. I am going to dig into the items I normally dream about for breakfast (btw I did have the waffles and fresh juice which I normally don’t have… And I actually need to have that again tomorrow… I’ll take a photo!). @sevenkitchen... Well done!

Why it’s a bit of a surreal day, well besides the hotel and its beauty, is because some of the best football players in the world (or soccer as they call it here.. Sorry I’m from Europe. I can’t say soccer!) are staying at the hotel and I’m seeing them everywhere. When you have a husband, a brother in law and a nephew who are crazed about these players, well you can imagine the whatsapps that were going on. Exciting.

In order to calm my nerves, wake up a little and work off some of this yummy food! I decided to go to the gym first. Glad I did, like everything else at the Palladium, the gym was an experience. Staff was ready to help you with any machine you did not understand, they had all the equipment necessary for you to have a full on work out (so no excuse!) and TV screens to keep you entertained. I’ll be back;) 

The rest of the team arrived today so we had meetings all day. The team, as us, are mega happy with the hotel and the location of the event. 

For the evening I got invited by my lovely friend, and beautiful lady from Bloomberg News, Abha Bakaya, to the Grey Goose & Vogue India event where all the top Indian celebrities were invited, such as Kareena Kapoor and Hrithick Roshan to name a few! I got my celebrity fix;) Lisa Haydon was of course my highlight as she is a beautiful model turned actress. She got the best new breakthrough award, well deserved. The moderator for the event was Neha Dhupia who needs to be mentioned. I had no idea who she was till last night but after watching her speak I was impressed! Not is she only extremely beautiful but very talented to to get a crowd, who was not being very accommodating, to break into a clap and a laugh whenever necessary. And of course Grey Goose, thank you for your yummy drinks (my favorite was the one served in a tea cup) I look forward to having you at our event. 

And thank you Uber for again and again getting me safely to the locations I need to be at.

Now it’s time to sleep… 

A demain everyone !!!

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