Modellist-id Adventures Mumbai Part 2 – By Naina Madan

November 16, 2014 by Naina Madan

Day 2 of my Modellist-ID Mumbai Adventures and what a day it has been. Each day just seems to get better! 
Once again I was dropped safely by Uber (Uber_Mumbai /#UberLove) to my next location, the Palladium Hotel.
Hello!!!! As soon as you enter the hotel, you get blown away by the grandness and excellence of the hotel. I have been lucky to stay at many different 5 star hotels, and the Palladium Hotel is already becoming one of my favorites, and I just got here! It is luxurious, impeccably clean, the staff is extremely friendly (and not in that annoying way where you just want to run away!) and the rooms are spacious, comfortable and equipped with what you need. 
Thank you Deepti and Abhishek for your hospitality thus far! I look forward to exploring the rest of the hotel and writing about it. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed ;).
Next stop… Asilo! The location of our event. I can’t wait to see it…

A dear friend of mine told me I won’t be disappointed once I see it and she wasn’t kidding. I am now even more excited then before! Asilo is everything for where we want our event to be held at (sorry I know not great English but I can’t think of another way to describe it;). Fantastic views, stylish, and importantly a great location for our models to be entertained at. I couldn’t wait for Celine to get here and see the look on her face once she walks in. 
Sanam Sippy, Director of Asilo, was there to meet with me and show me around. Sanam, thank you for working with us on our event. If I had any doubts, it is all gone now.
Celine and I were invited to experience the place on a Saturday night and what fun we had. And just as I thought, the look on Celine’s face when she entered… Well I just wish I had my camera.
Stay tuned… This is just day 2.

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