Modellist-id Adventures Mumbai Part 1 – By Naina Madan

November 13, 2014 by Naina Madan

That’s it! I’m ready to take my flight soon to start my adventures. After months of preparation the time has come for the Modellist-ID event in Mumbai on November 18 @ Asilo for models and industry related individuals. Our sponsors came through with flying colors and soon the event date will be here. I can’t wait. 

In this blog I will keep you posted daily on our adventures in Mumbai for the time we are there exploring the city, its recommendations by our models and of course covering our event. So stay tuned! Today is just the beginning…. 

Day 1:

Today was my first day of meeting with clients, am excited to start my Modellist-ID adventures. Our event date is close, and the preparations are going extremely well. Exciting!
Thanks to Uber (#Uber_Mumbai / #UberLove) I got to all my appointments on time and safely. What a fan I’ve become. It’s reliable, safe and clean! Love;)

My first appointment of today was at The Four Seasons. Even though the hotel is currently at full occupancy, the wonderful Martin Hilton still took the time to meet with me and show me around. We started at the spa. Hello! I completely understand why our models love it. The shop at the spa supports carefully selected local products such as Indian Khus Vetiver and Purearth amongst its own signature brands Ila (Organic) and Sodaski (chemical free). They also sell costume jewelry, hand purses and soft clothing lines from Indian designers. I love how the Four Seasons, with its prestigious name, supports local brands wherever it is. What a great initiative. 

Then we moved on to the treatment rooms. The spa has 4 single and 2 double treatments rooms. Each room is fully equipped with complete privacy and tranquillity one requires during a spa treatment. My favorite room was the Ayurvedic room. If you have never had an Ayurvedic treatment I highly recommend it and at this spa. I did not get to enjoy the treatment alas but will be back for it. The room was as one expects with aromatic scents and correct dim lighting. 

After I was shown the fully equipped gym and private yoga room (lessons at 7am and 7pm) for spa members/guests and hotel guests. Luxurious to stay the least. I’m not done yet! I don’t want to forget to mention the spacious changing rooms with hot and cold showers called the experience and a jacuzzi to die for. 

Once the tour for the award winning spa was done I was taken to the very famous and highly mentioned by our models, roof top bar Aer. Wow, wow, wow!!!!! What a view. A (semi) 360 view of Mumbai. You have a city view on one side and a sea view on the other. I personally can not decide which one is better. Here I also met the wonderful Prekshi who runs Aer, and is obviously doing a terrific job. The place was impeccable. It had just rained so they were clearing up, and still I couldn’t get over the views and look forward to going back with the team for a few drinks.
Thank you Martin for the lovely tour and your time. I completely understand why our models rave about the spa and Aer.

Now it’s dinner time. I got recommended a place by a friend, in Juhu called Villa 69. Yum yum yum! The staff was extremely friendly, the place got packed and the music was terrific. We had their signature drinks called Gin69 to start with (highly recommend it! You can’t event taste the alcohol, dangerous!). Then we had Villa 69 Triangle, wood burn Pizza and Tahina Chicken Skewers after which I just wanted more. Our models would love it! 
Thank you Villa 69 for your hospitality and delicious food and drinks.

That’s it for now! Time to sleep and start day 2 of Modellist-ID Adventures…

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