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July 15, 2016 by Adam Loebbert

So this January I quit my job at Joe and the juice to move my ass over to Istanbul. It was one of the most spontaneous moments in my life.

It was a Thursday when I was at work in the bar that my lovely agent called me with news that they wanted me to go to Istanbul. It was a pretty questionable decision since it didn’t seem to be very safe. My current agency there wanted me to come over as soon as possible. Since my goal this year was to get away from this small city Helsingborg, I just said fuck it! Let’s do it! I love being spontaneous and not really knowing how everything is gonna work out. So after a short discussion over the phone I said, “well fix what’s needed and get back to me.”

The next day all the paperwork was done and when my booker got the confirmation she called me back in the afternoon and told me. 5 minutes later I called my bar manager and said I had to quit. Everything worked out very quick, easy and well with Joe. Got a lot of help and they were very understanding. Had my last day the same week at Sunday (after a crazy party in CPH with Joe) and caught my flight 6 am on Wednesday from Copenhagen airport. I received my flight ticket only like 6 hours before takeoff. The plan was to be there 5 weeks so I knew I had to do some quick and serious packing.

Came to a new country I’d never been in before all alone with a bunch of information I received on the flight over. Meet with the agency, I was very excited and ready for a new life challenge.

adam loebbert all men magazine istanbul male model red

I was pretty freaked out when I ended up being around 3 meters away from people shooting with automatic weapons the same night. It didn’t feel very safe at all. There was a lot of stuff going on in the city, (apart from the bombing that took place at Blue Mosque a few weeks before) shootings at the cafes where we lived the first 3 days and a building next to us collapsed and some shit with terrorists attacking a newspaper company, only during the first week of my stay. I decided to only stay inside the apartment and only go out for castings and work. Didn’t even tell my mom about this until I got home. Of course that wasn’t a very good idea either since I was only back for a day to go back the next haha..

Either way, after a week I kind of got used to the culture there and weren’t very afraid anymore and were walking around the city like normal people. Everybody is so nice and helpful there. Pretty hard to get around with only English sometimes but it always works out in the end 🙂

Here are some pictures from a shooting with All men magazine. It was a very fun day with some clothes tighter then other 😉

adam loebbert all men magazine istanbul male model red adam loebbert all men magazine istanbul male model redadam loebbert all men magazine istanbul male model red
adam loebbert all men magazine istanbul male model red

All Men Magazine. Model: Adam Loebbert, Photography: Hasan Karaarsla, Stylist: Eda Işbilir

Have good day! 😉

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