Model of the Week – Giaro Giarratana

March 13, 2018 by Melissa Blaauwendraad

Giaro Giarratana

Our curly hair crush Giaro Giarratana is our Model of the Week! He is a successful model, YouTuber, art director and social influencer.

Giaro Giarratana is a successful model at De Boekers agency. As you probably noticed already is Giaro very outstanding because of his beautiful curly hair! It makes him super unique and his model pictures are very handsome!

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Besides his talent for modeling, Giaro has much more things he’s good at. As good as he looks on photo’s, that good is he in making photos himself. His Instagram page is very popular and with followers he also became a successful social influencer. With all the attention Giaro started his own blog where he posted the stories behind all the beautiful pictures.

LA vibes ✨

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Photography and film is definitely his passion. On Giaro’s YouTube channel, he uploads amazing vlogs/videos. I watched a few today and I am really impressed by the way the films and edits. It looks very professional and I taking a look into his life  is just really cool and jealous at the same time because his life looks like an absolute dream. You should really check his channel out!

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