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March 10, 2016 by Chloe Haldane

model menu

Any nutritionist is sure to tell you of the benefits meal planning will have on your diet. It creates a road map for what to buy when grocery shopping and what to eat and cook each day, it’s like a personalized daily menu.

Creating a meal plan will make way for a positive change to your lifestyle, health and finances. For this reason, we’ve collected all our favorite model meals this past week and made you the perfect model menu for the coming weekend!



Good morning!

Time to start your day with a nutritional energy boost. Milou Gort‘s breakfast of eggs, avocado and berries offers all the goodness we need to kick of our day with a positive beginning! A tasty berry mix is full of antioxidants which helps avoid disease later on and is a quick fix to symptoms of a common cold!

milou gort model menu
Homemade soup lunch!

Lunch time and a quick veggie soup is on the menu! Makeup artist, Siddhartha shared a snap of her bright veggie soup! You can get a similar thick, creamy bowl of nutrition using this recipe!

meal plan weekend



A Perfect TV DINNER!

This vegan dish by international model Iris Gerits is a healthy and tasty meal to cook up for relaxing in front of the TV tonight! Curl up with a movie and this green meal. To make the rosemary potato wedges follow this super simple recipe, begin cooking an hour before you plan to eat!

Iris Gerits vegan meal model menu


Bedtime snack!

Check up on the previous blog to find all the best bedtime snacks that will benefit your body here! …Includes fruity snacks and warm drinks!



Rise and shine!

An acai bowl to die for – Lifecoach Marleen Bosmann has the perfect dish for Sunday breakfast! This fruity acai bowl is the biggest healthy food trend of the season. Grab a bowl, blender and all your favorite fruits and nuts for a yummy morning treat and check out Marleen’s food blog for easy, organic recipes for snacks and smoothies :

acai bowl marleen meal plans menu
Lunch Time!

On the menu for lunch we have a very colorful dish from Sebastien U. This healthy salad dish includes;
Egg Benedict – Avocado – Lemon – Carrots – Blueberries – White Cabbage – Chia Seeds – Chili

This is the perfect meal for using the left over berries from your Saturday breakfast!

model menu


The dinner dish!

You’ll go crazy over this Prawn Courgetti dish by model, Milou Gort! The recipe is online here!

model menu


Satisfy that sweet tooth!

After this yummy meal indulge in these healthy homemade Granol-Oat Nut Butter Bars, the recipe went online on Modellist-ID yesterday and you can find it here!


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