Model interview with Soesja Leugs

June 18, 2018 by Modellist-ID

Soesja Leugs

Get to know supermodel and artist Soesja Leugs!

Nationality: Dutch
Profession: Artist & Model
Agencies: Self-employed
Milestones: Tisja Damen Lingerie 35MM film “ ā·rīs·an”
Current location: Amsterdam

Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?
I got noticed by the age of 17 in the H&M by a photography student from art school who I did my first shoot with. After that shoot got out, things got rolling ever since.

When did you first sign with an agency and what was that like?
I got signed at a later age, which was a good thing for me I guess. I knew what I wanted from the branches and later on decided that for my art will always be my number one focus and passion. Therefore I now do all my bookings so I can be in charge of my own agenda.

What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it?
The all-time favorite shoot is with Sophie Hemels, someone I really adore as a person and artist. She captured me in a way nobody ever did before. As myself!

What is your best model experience ever?
Hard to say, Maybe the few experiences that I had with the film. I really liked the dynamics on those sets. How a huge range of professions get together and all work towards the same goal.

Soesja Leugs

What are the main challenges in modeling today?
To me, it would be the picture-perfect image that young women and even girls take as a standard. So many feel the need to change their looks by plastic surgery or botox to fulfill their looks to a surrealistic standard. It’s a shame because I feel like so many women are losing something very important in life, that is their authenticity. You should not want to look like everybody else, you should look like you.

What do you enjoy most of your profession?
In general to me, it would be meeting so many different creatives. Every day, shoot or project I work with a different team. That inspires me the most! Also getting out of my comfort zone in the past few years has really made me grow as a person.

How would you describe a model life?
Isn’t everyone’s experience unique? For me, it’s flexibility, a lot of spare time to use on my art and never knowing what a week will bring. That’s what keeps things exciting!

Do you think models are able to find long lasting friendships within the industry today?
It really depends on them. If you are searching for a true connection with people, some will answer that call. But that is the same with every profession. Just be selective, open and yourself.

Soesja Leugs

What is your big model dream?
To be honest, I don’t have one anymore. I love traveling for work, but coming home is just as much fun. My dream is to work with inspirational teams as much as I can and still have the time to paint!

What is your favorite thing to do when not working?
Painting, which is also my way of relaxing and slowing down. I also love to spend time with Shuggie my miniature Dachshund, that also visits set’s sometimes. Those days are the most fun for sure.

You have a great passion for painting, can you tell us more about that?
I studied photography at art school but found out there that my longtime passion for painting will always win over anything. The past 2 years I’ve been living on the countryside, just to work on my paintings. I only recently moved back to Amsterdam, but will always cherish those celestial years of mainly doing what I love most.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Soesja?
It always starts with a coffee. Not really a morning person and most times I paint at night, so… Then I will go for a walk with “Shuggie” (my dog). I try to balance my everyday life equally with art and work!

Soesja Leugs

How do you keep your body in good shape?
My life is quite active, so to me eating well and healthy will be number one. Self-image is key, so if you feel good on the inside, I believe it will show on the outside as well.

Give us 5 fun facts people might not know about you yet.
–  I make at least a 100 really stupid faces a day. Sometimes unknowingly they get captured. Those are the pictures is cherish the most.
–  I have a matcha addiction. It’s really an obsession.. everything with matcha in it is something I NEED to try.
–  When I paint I listen to 60’s and 70’s rock and roll music and blues.
–  My dog is always number one. Really, no discussion possible.
–  I’ve been watching Godard movies over and over again.

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?
I think they can shine a light on all the personas behind the pretty faces.

Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Modellist-ID?
Yes! I would say Dimphy Janse. She’s a personality and creative mind as well. Her music is really something else.

Where can we follow you?
soesja_leugs on Instagram!

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