My Model Hotspot in Madrid: OJALA

April 4, 2016 by Sveva Derksen

Ojala Madrid

I love to discover new things, especially when I’m abroad. it became kind of a hobby for me. To spot and search for new things. I always do research behind my desk before I go on a new trip. Where can I find trendy bars/restaurants, where are the vintage treasures and where can I find the best concept stores?!

Today I want to share my favorite bar/restaurant so far in Madrid! This restaurant is based in Malasana, one of the most trendy and upcoming neighborhoods in Madrid. Especially for young people this street is very popular because it’s not so expensive as the rest of the city and there’s a very relaxing vibe!

Today I want to share OJALA.
Ojala is an unique restaurant/bar, which has amazing food and is trendy decorated. Upstairs they have very comfortable tables decorated with a lot of plants and colors. But the most surprising part is the basement! They made a mini beach downstairs which makes you feel like you’re on a deserted island! Here you can lounge with your friends while enjoying a delicious gin tonic and some typical Spanish tapas, but in a modern form such as homemade quinoa and quesadillas with guacamole. If you like more comfort you can just drink and chill a bit downstairs around 8/9 o’clock and then go upstairs to have dinner.

It’s definitely worth it to visit this place!!

OJALA Model hotspot Sveva Derksen

Upstairs restaurant/bar

Ojala Madrid Sveva

Upstairs restaurant/bar

Address: Calle de San Andrés 1, Madrid

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