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November 10, 2015 by Lian Schreuder


There are three things I love the most; traveling, eating and shopping. So when I have to travel to another city, I go and find some cool shops and nice places to eat to enjoy myself after the shoots and castings are done.

Hamburg is one of the places I have to work a lot, so I have some nice places to share. Of course you can find a shopping street with a Zara, H&M and a Berschka, but these shopping streets don’t give me the shopping experience I’m looking for when traveling. What makes me excited is an authentic Hamburg street with small little boutiques and cute coffee places. So this is where i go…

The street is called Eppendorfer Baum in the neighborhood Eppedorf. To get here you take the metro to Klosterstern or Eppendorfer Baum, this is on the blue U1 line.

d'orD’or is a place I really love. As i’m usually not a fan of vintage, this is a place where i want to have all the vintage pieces they have. Super soft cashmere, beautiful pieces from Chanel to Prada and also bags to die for. They also sell some great antiques, the kind of antiques you will see on those perfect living rooms in magazine’s.

You will find D’or at the Eppendorfer Baum 6

LidnerAlmost next door to D’or you’ll find Lidner. You better not be on a diet, because all the delicatesse they sell are so good. I recommend the macaroons!

Lindner is located at the Eppendorfer Baum 10.

The next stop must be Closed. This German fashion brand sells cosy knitwear and really good jeans and that perfect basic T-shirt thats always so hard to find. Closed Eppendorfer Baum 13.

model hotspot hamburgWhen I need a nice gift I go to House of Fitz. Doesn’t matter who you need a gift
for, they have something for everyone.

Eppendorfer Baum 20

And then there’s Linette.. If you have some money to spend this is the perfect boutique to go. Leather Chloe bags, the perfect Isabel Marant blouse, J brand jeans, this is where you shop you’re fashion week proof look. Linette Eppendorfer Baum 19 

hamburgAs I love furniture, I have to check out Anamundi Haus. Designer furniture, lamps and accesories. I’m always wishing my suitcase was a bit bigger. Eppendorfer Baum 25

When you need a little break from shopping Little Cafe is the place to recharge! They don’t have a big selection to choose from, but what they serve is so good. Order one of there freshly baked pies, It’s like your grandma made it! Hegenstrasse 29

One of my omodel hot spot hamburg ther favorite shops is Liedloff. There selection of clothing is great, but also check out their jewelry! Hegenstrasse 19

The last hotspot I have to share is Mutterland. As I’m a big foody and love special jams, mutterlandteas and chocolates, Mutterland is always my last stop when shopping in Eppendorf (as I bring to much to carry around while shopping 😉 )

Lenhartzstrasse 1

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Lian Schreuder Lian has been a fulltime fashion model since the age of 14. She worked for all the big brands like Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger, and graced the covers of Madame Figaro, Biba, Marie Claire and ELLE. Less glamorous but just as fun, she likes to get her hands dirty in the garden and play carpenter around her lovely home. Cooking, yoga and drawing are part of her relaxation ritual. Besides her international career, this busy bee is also enforcing the team of Modellist-ID.


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