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June 5, 2013 by Evelyne Verpaalen

Hi Modellist ID-ers! If you want some insiders’ tips about Miami, look no further…I gladly share mine with you!

First of all, for the peeps I haven’t met yet, let me start with introducing

myself, my name is Evelyne Verpaalen, I am Dutch and model with Touché

Models in Amsterdam. About four years ago I signed with Ford Models. I

lived in NY for one year, before moving to Miami.

The past three years I have been living in Miami and since one month I

own a web store called Yes…you can add my

Eveintheusa fan page on FB and sure, that would be nice too ; if you would

‘ like’ my page;-)

When to go?

If you want to go to Miami for modeling, make sure that you go in the

season. The best time to go is anywhere between September- March. Because

summers in Miami are brutal, so stay away! (hot,hot, hot)


Miami isn’t busy with castings like New York. Most bookings are direct

bookings and sometimes a client organises a casting. Don’t be surprised if

there are 200 models at the same casting like you. There aren’t many

castings, so when they do have one, all agencies sent their models over.

The dress code in Miami to castings is very casual, although most girls will

wear short skirts and their highest heels, it is okay to come in flip-flops and

bikini too. (although in the agencies they prefer it if you show some ‘skin’

and wear your heels and ” dress like a model”)

The actual job

Working in Miami is slightly different then in Europe, here are some

guidelines: First of all always be on time. I know, it kinda speaks for itself

but being in the heat and in such a fun place can have its effect on certain

people and make you act a bit too relaxed. If there is one thing clients really

hate, it is models being late. ( believe me, I had jobs where the models

didn’t even show up)

Second, a workday in Miami doesn’t automatically end after 8-9 hours and

overtime doesn’t really translate well in ‘The sunshine state’ it really all

depends on the light. So be patient and hang in there!

Third and last rule; always make sure that you have (or bring) your own

breakfast before you start shooting. Make sure that you bring a lunch bar/

snack and something to keep you hydrated in case you are not sure about

the clients food schedule.

Just because you have to start early doesn’t mean that the client has

thought about your hungry belly. American clients usually have a catering

company which takes great care of you, with plenty food on set and the best

lunches you can imagine. But, I have also had bookings where I had to start

at 5am and one of the team members would run off to Starbucks and

completely forgot about the models. Result: grumpy hungry models by the

time we finally had a lunch break at 3pm!

After work

Miami has a lot of really nice bars and restaurants. Here are some of my


*Doraku Sushi- 1104 Lincoln Road everyday happy hour from 5-7pm

(discounted sushi and Lychee martinis for 4$)

*Villa Azur French restaurant owned by Hale Berry’s beau Olivier Martinez

the restaurant is very chic with a beautiful terrace inside. ( 309, 23 Street.)

* Restaurant Dutch at the W Hotel. No, this menu has nothing to do with

Holland, in fact the kitchen is all American. But great food and atmosphere!

(2201 Collins Ave)

*Juvia: this new restaurant on the top floor of the lincoln road garage with a

magnificent view over Miami. I love Juvia for it’s ‘Sex and the City feel’ 1111

Lincoln road.

*Thrive this vegan restaurant is a great spot for its brunch at the weekend

and they have RAW specials too . I’m not vegan, but definitely a fan of this

place for the zen-like atmosphere and the guilt-free treats( try the waffles or

the scrambled tofu and they also serve yummy smoothies and juices.) 1239

Alton Road

*Lolita’s: this cool new Mexican tequila bar and restaurant is one of my

favorite hangouts. Located on 100 Collins Avenue, the restaurant has a

nice inside terrace and open kitchen.

Besides serving the most delicious cocktails and food they make it a fun

experience with the free amuse: a steamy tequila spiked grapefruit and mint

granita, for dessert there is fruity cotton candy…to feed your inner child.

Girls party free

Just like in many other cities with a big modeling culture Miami has people

that take girls out in case you don’t know the places to be yet (or just want

a free night out) Alexander Naaman is one of the guys that will take great

care of you and bring you to the best restaurants (STK, Vita and Philippe

Chow) and clubs (Liv at the Fountaine Blue hotel, Wall at W hotel,

Mansion, Perry hotel and Bamboo) and it doesn’t cost you anything!

* I hope my tips were helpful and wish you a great time!

With Love,


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Evelyne Verpaalen Dutchie living in New York. I have lived in the United States for the past years, first Miami now New York. I work as a real estate agent for Nest Seekers International (maybe you know the company from the tv program Million Dollar Listing) and I can help you find, rent or buy or sell an apartment in NYC or Miami. Besides apartment hunting, I love exploring new restaurants and bars and doing fun things with my friends. .. I write about these hotspots and new fun things to do for magazines and blogs and I have a webstore called Eveintheusa. See you in the USA!xox


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