Meet Top Athlete And Dj Ruben Lenten, Who Will Play During Our Event!

February 8, 2014 by Modellist-ID

On the 15th of February Modellist-iD will have a lot of talented dj’s playing some of their favorite tunes at Shimmy Beach club. Capetown is reknowned for the kitesurfing scene and we are happy to announce we have world’s top kitesurfer and DJ talent Ruben Lenten playing some great tunes during our Modellist-ID event in SHimmy Beach Club on the 15th of February! Let us introduce to you this talent….
Let u introduce to you one of the best Kitesurfers of the world and DJ Ruben Lenten (DJ LEN10)!

Being a pro-athlete and a DJ sound like a weird combination but our friend Ruben Lenten seems to staple it together perfectly fine.Born in Noordwijk in The Netherlands on March 30th, 1988, Ruben Lenten is a household name in the world of kiteboarding. Thanks to his unique and incredible air acrobatics, Ruben is renowned for being the most daring and radical kiteboarder in the world. In his view however, he has only scraped the surface in attempting what is possible behind a kite. Ruben began kiteboarding at the age of 12, at his home spot Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Rapidly making a name for himself, he turned pro at the age of 16, travelling all over the world for competitions and promotions for his sponsors.

After many years successfully competing, Ruben decided to take on a different direction. His focus shifted to promoting the more extreme side of the sport, since at the time the sport was relatively new and many things were yet to be discovered. This more extreme side of the sport involved riding in storm conditions with very strong winds and big waves, while performing risky acrobatics with the kite. Sponsors and the general public were in awe by his sheer courage at pulling off some of the most extreme moves ever performed with a kite, and so Ruben found his niche as an ‘Extreme Kiteboarder’.

Kiteboarding 24/7 is not possible and therefor Ruben has a second passion, electronic music, DJ LEN10 was born. Whether it’s setting the vibe right at the beach, terrace or club Ruben continues to deliver a feeling of freedom. In the early days of his electronic music adventure it was mostly hard-Techno coming through the sound system whereas of 2009 the sound shifted to a warmer and deeper vibe. With a superior selection of the best Deep and Tech House tracks Ruben knows how to create a flow.

Ruben’s extreme side of the sport and his DJ gigs have perked the interests of major sponsors, promoters and media from all over world, appearing in/on television, magazines, newspapers, festivals, clubs, radio and the Internet. Bringing the sport and music to a broader audience is one of Ruben’s goals to share the lifestyle and freedom kiteboarding and electronic music have to offer.

Cape Town Summer 2013 Mix: Soundcloud

Winners – Portrait

Steven Akkersdijk (L), Kevin Langeree (C) and Ruben Lenten (R) pose for a portrait after the final for Red Bull King of the Air that Took place at Big Bay in Cape Town on the 2nd February, 2014. Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool


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