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August 18, 2016 by Deborah Schoutema

Rikie Vos Fashion Model Tried and reviewed review Meeki nail polish

I promise you: my nails are ugly. They used to be effordlessly healthy, but got messed up by a Roman nail artist who used nail polish that apparently couldn’t be removed. We had to do 8 different looks though, and so after every shot she’d remove her ‘art’ by machine grinding into the upper layer of my nails. Six looks (and six grind sessions) later she barely had surface left to work on. We stopped the shooting, but my nails… Yeah, they’re stil thin and unhealthy.

Anyways, I embraced my new weak nails and became nail polish’ best friend. Or as from today I have to say: Meeki’s best friend. This new beauty brand just launched with a range of summer colors for your nails. Fyi: it’s all cruelty free. No animal testing, no animal based ingredients nor often used toxic ingredients (Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resinm Toluene, Dibutyl phtalate and camphor, if you fancy knowing names). As a bonus it contains mastic gum and white tea to improve the strength and growth of your nails. Which, surprisingly, actually works. Since I started using Meeki my nail-beds have become smoother, shinier and stronger while they grow faster.

My favourite color of their summer collection is nude. The brush makes it so easy to apply a smooth, even divided nail polish layer on your nail-beds. They dry quickly, in about 3 minutes I’d say. Go for a second round and it looks just like you had a semi-permanent done. Including the length after a while, due to that mastic gum.

To spice up a boring outfit, you can choose catchy colors too. Go for a deep sexy red or violet. Or get your nails a happy shade of clear sky blue, like I did.

Any color you’d love to have, but can’t find? Go to and become part of their beautypanel. Just like Glossier does in the U.S., Meeki likes to involve their customers when creating new products. Glossier uses snapchat, Meeki uses her website. You can help decide on new colors, designs or even range of products. And in return they provide their co-creators with 10% discount. Interesting, no?

Meeki Review nail polish Tried and reviewed review

Meeki Deborah Schoutema Review Tried and Reviewed nail polish


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