Marvin! The perfect place for a gift or lunch in the heart of Amsterdam

May 20, 2016 by Celine Prins


Marvin is one of these places you fall in love with. Not only does Marvin offer its client an inspiring shop in which you can find unique presents like kitchen furniture, organic food or handmade juwelry, it also is one of the best lunch places in town.

Located in the trendy West part of Amsterdam, Marvin got it all. The concept of Marvin was born the moment the two founders (Lisa and Sarah) met during a yoga class a couple of years ago. Apparently the two of them shared the same dream, a place in which they could offer quality design, food and a warm welcome to their clients and let people connect in one place.

‘A small local retailer with a heart’ was their motto and I compliment the founders for what they have achieved so far, you can feel the heart beating in this lovely place, they did a great job!

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The store has three small floors, the ground floor has all you can imagine for a perfect gift. You can find table linen, kitchen utensils, inspiring cookbooks but next to this you can also find beautiful jewelry.

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In the food section you can find special Olive Oil from San Mauro, branded Bocca-Coffee from the Netherlands or home made Marvin products like granola, pesto, soups, jams and more. The kitchen of Marvin will definitely not dissapoint you

IMG_3449 IMG_3445

Their fresh made quiches, sweet patatoes with haricòts vért and low-fat spinach/feta pizzas, are one of the reasons I keep coming back to this place. I recently bought hand-made plates and bowls from Marvin which till now gained a lot of compliments from my guests during my private dinner (parties).

Downstairs you can find more kitchen supplements but what makes the store even more client friendly is that they made it also a playground for kids. So basically mothers can leave their kids downstairs during their visit so they can properly do their round in the store. Upstairs is the buffet corner where you can pick your plate from the best hand-made food of the day. Lisa and Sarah are offering their clients the best made smoothies, fresh breakfast or lunches also for take away, or a delicious coffee.IMG_3451
Did you know you can also rent the location for a private dinner party? With or without buffet, just email the lovely ladies for availability and they will do their best to make it work for you: Their email is:

The address is: Kinkerstraat 66a, 1053 DZ in Amsterdam. And click here to read more about Marvin.

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Celine Prins Celine Prins is an international model that lived in major cities around the world like; Paris, Sydney, New-York, London and Barcelona just to name a few. Next to modeling she loves to be an entrepreneur and help out the community.


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