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October 20, 2015 by Siya Dzingwa

Siya Dzingwa

This month has been quite busy, school wise, preparing for exams and tests, which I’m writing every week (huh.)

Tax is my fav subject though, but I’m always happy after finishing, cause I get to go back home to Cape Town!! I tried to juggle a lot this semester with castings and classes at the same time but I managed.That’s why I make sure I have a healthy eating lifestyle to keep me energized.

A healthy breakfast is the right way to start a day. I Choose fibre-rich cereals, such as high-fibre bran, bran flakes with low- fat milk .

Skipping breakfast increases the pangs of hunger by the end of the day. Freshly cut fruits and vegetables are healthy snacks if I do skip breakfast. I don’t have the time to gym so I jogg and drink lots of water which I love, hydrating my body is essential and helps me avoid certain intakes. Thirst is misunderstood, many times for hunger. Adequate water and liquids in your diet help in warding hunger and to eliminate wastes and toxins.

Siya Dzingwa Model Food Diary

Dinner consists of light, healthy foods such as steamed fish, but Friday’s and Sat is pizza time!! Del Forno has the best pizza. Their Lamama pizza is my favorite. When I do get time though I hang out with my mates, Rocomama’s is our fav spot, which is always fun!!

Siya Dzingwa Model Food Diary

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