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July 22, 2016 by Jordy Tulleners

Jordy Tulleners perfect skincare EO moisturizer male model

Many of us are grateful for the wonderful work of MUA, and editor that makes our skin look flawless before pictures are being published. Skin care has been such a huge thing for me… growing up with acne and not feeling comfortable in my own skin made me realise how important the right care and nutrition is. Over the last few years, I’ve been using different brands and found some being really good and effective while some… well, were shit.

I’m all for natural products and the use of brands that are one with nature; all organic and no weird chemicals. I truly believe that the body needs what’s being produced by nature… and nature alone. Some home remedies I’ve used in the past are egg and honey masks, honey and greek yoghurt -and some oatmeal masks…. I do enjoy putting jojoba oil on my face as well as rosehip. Don’t like putting groceries on your face? I totally understand… It’s easier to have something ready to go without rubbing your dinner leftovers on your face.

For quite some time I’ve been using the products from EO Jordy Tulleners skin care EO moisturizer male model
and I can honestly say that they have done miracles for me. The argan oil has nurtured and hydrated my skin immensely… I’ve noticed a reduction of pimples and blackheads (do know that blackheads are a HUGE issue for me). The vitamin E night moisturizer has also helped with hydrating and feeding my skin with the right ingredients. And as a bonus on top, I’ve seen fine lines on my forehead decrease. When waking up in the morning my skin feels soft and relaxed as if someone massaged my face throughout the night.

Whatever you decide to go with, please please please read the back label. If you don’t know what the ingredients are… don’t go with it. Would you eat something a stranger gave you? Why then put it on your skin? ?

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