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February 18, 2019 by Modellist-ID

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The way you choose to dress usually influences the way you are perceived when first interacting with someone. As much as you wouldn’t want it to be so, first impressions and appearances matter, and why not use this to your advantage? Your sense of style can inspire others, allow you to stand out from the crowd and to be admired for your good taste. Not being an expert in this domain shouldn’t prevent you from keeping your sense of style fresh, and your outfits chic and fashionable. But with rather limited expertise on the matter, how will you be able to do so? There are a few things that can help you out in this department, and these are:

Make a habit out of reading fashion blogs

Reading the fashion segment of a magazine or an online blog on the subject once a week, for example, can actually help you stay up to date with the latest trends that are circulating in the industry. Trends come and go, when it comes to fashion, and if you don’t want to be caught wearing an outdated combo of clothes, you should take a bit of your time to educate yourself on the latest movements in the industry. In less than 10 minutes, you can learn quite a lot of useful things if you have chosen to read the right fashion blog or magazine.

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Follow some fashion influencers online

Considering how much time we spend nowadays on social media, we should use these channels to perfect ourselves in various areas of our life. When it comes to fashion, social media platforms are the best place to find out what is “in” at the moment and what you should be wearing depending on occasion. There is a large community of social media influencers that are regarded as fashion experts by their followers, and they usually post regularly their favorite outfits and provide you with the suggestions you need to keep your own style modern. Just by hitting the follow button on a few Instagram pages and spending a few minutes a day browsing on these accounts, you can get quite a lot of inspiration and learn how to mix and match your clothes and obtain impeccable outfits.

Always choose quality

What should you look for first when you are thinking about buying a piece of clothing? You might tend to believe that the design of the items comes as most important, and although the overall style of the element does matter, it’s the quality the needs your attention first. A piece of clothing might follow the latest design trends, might come in a shade that you absolutely love and looks great at you, but if it was designed out of a material of poor quality, this will affect your entire outfit and appearance. It’s always better to have fewer pieces in your wardrobe, but those pieces to be designer or at least of impeccable quality, than have an overcrowded closet with cheap clothes. Quality can be noticed from afar, and if you consider yourself a stylish and fashionable person, you should never compromise in this department. Regardless of where you choose to buy your clothes from, take enough time looking into the quality of the items you have eyed. As you can see if you check the clothing items available at Boutique 1, going for items of higher quality doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. You can easily find great pieces at affordable prices if you know where to shop.

Do your shopping online

Although you might be tempted to shop for your clothes at a mall in your proximity, you should know that the entire online shopping experience is much more enjoyable and can offer you the possibility of accessing better elements for your wardrobe. The shops that you usually find at the mall can provide you with limited shopping opportunities, and the items you have the possibility of getting there may not be as stylish as you would prefer. On the internet you will be presented with a virtually endless variety of stores, and coming across items that better fit your personal style and preferences will be easier. You can get your hands on unique clothes of better quality, and online shopping is also far more convenient. Lack of time shouldn’t determine you to overlook your love for fashion, you simply need to start doing your shopping online, whenever you get some spare time.  

Don’t be afraid of colors

Although monochromatic looks and all black outfits do have their purpose and role, it’s important to learn how to wear color, if you want your style to be characterized as fresh. Considering that nowadays mixing and matching various shades is easier than ever (you no longer have to stick to strict rules in this department), you can start choosing items that are more vibrant.

Include a few statement pieces in your wardrobe

From a designer watch to a purse with a classic design, invest some money in a few statement pieces, and your outfits will never be dull or unfashionable again. You can often take a full attire that would normally not be noticed and turn it into something that grabs attention by adding one or several statement pieces. It can be anything from an oversized belt to a leather jacket, but make sure you have in your closet a few things that can save a boring assembly immediately.

Keeping your outfits fresh and contemporary can be often challenging, if you aren’t exactly someone with a keen eye for fashion. This is why, you should do a bit of research from time to time in order to make sure your style is still inspiring and you aren’t making any big fashion mistakes. It doesn’t; matter if you prefer to dress in a more casual manner, or your daily activities demand a more formal approach towards fashion, it’s important for your looks to have that visually appealing characteristic, and for that to be possible, following the tips mentioned here will matter.


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