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October 29, 2014 by Inge Stufkens

The Utrechtsestraat 22 in Amsterdam! What’s there? The smoothie palace of Lite/Dark

And me? I got the challenge to try it out! Of course a big blessing, at least you do expect that the smoothies will be good. And today was the day that I went to Amsterdam to try it out, together with my mother! 

My first impression? What a big selection of smoothies they have! It took me at least half an hour to figure out which one I want, as I have quite a picky taste and they have a lot of choice. I hate ginger, and as Like/Dark is a healthy super food place, ginger is in a lot of the smoothies. It is super healthy!

This is what we ordered…

Smoothie Apple, banana, straw-, black-,blue-, rashberry, maca.

Smoothie Orange,banana, strawberry, blueberry, coconut.

The brie, apple, red onion, rucola, honey-vinaigrette Panini

Wrap with rucola, mango, goat cheese, chili, mint, dark chocolate balsamico dressing

And what do I think? The smoothies are amazing! That’s an easy thing to say! They were really good, and because of the big straw you also still got the little parts of the fruits that they putted in side. So you know for sure its good  and healty. 

And the food? Good and healthy. But not as good as the smoothies. My panini had too much onion, so it felt like a onion with some panini, so I took it off. After that it was a nice panini! 

And the wrap was nice too, only there was too much chocolate on it. Yes a weird thing to say, as I am a chocolate fan. Only in this combination it didn’t fit.

But my overall conclusion is for sure positive!  If you are a crazy smoothie lover, a wheat grass shot drinker or you just want a super healthy meal, this is the place to be! It is located in a nice area with cute stores and easy to get to by tram or foot.

Go check it out! 

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Inge Stufkens <p>I am a Dutch full time model, currently in Milan, living here already for a coupe months.</p>


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