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February 5, 2016 by Modellist-ID

jeffrey robinson

We caught up with Canadian model Jeffrey Robinson who let us into the secrets behind his life of art.

Agencies: Velocci Talent Agency

Milestones: recipient of the Emerging Artist Award at Arte Monaco 2015

Current location: Toronto

What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

I would have to say the shoot I did for photographer Anthony Patrick Manieri for Wed Lux magazine. The night before I had a major allergic reaction and broke into hives all over my body except my face and hands ironically, I was a mess but did’t want to leave him hanging so I went anyway and the shots came out pretty cool haha
What are the pros of being a model?
Its really just a thing I do from time to time, but its great for exposure, meeting friends and getting the whats up in the fashion industry.
What do you think is the biggest misconception in the modeling industry?
I think the preconceived notions of what beauty is. I believe it starts from the inside and shines through our physical self. I like seeing models of all shapes and sizes, the ones who have a great attitude really shows their beauty. You don’t need to be super tall and skinny. If you take care of your body and mind it will show in any photo or runway.
Alongside modelling you are an artist, what got you interested in this profession and what inspires your art?
I’ve always been very creative minded, painting and drawing used to be just something I was naturally able to do. After years of not using this gift I went through a rough heartbreaking experience with my ex-fiancee, it was a blessing as art presented itself as a positive distraction and it’s becoming apparent that it was my calling in life. I gather inspiration from many things, past art masters, fashion, current events, music and tons of day dreaming sessions haha.
How would you describe your art style?
My style is a collective of pieces of eras, I like many things so I paint what is interesting to me or if there is a positive point/story I want to portray on a topic or current event. My upcoming series in 2016 is a unique concept that will be very interesting to the viewer.
What piece of artwork have you produced that you are most proud of and why? 
This is a tough question, Im still a kid at heart and when I finish a piece thats been stuck in my head for a while I get excited about it every time. There a bunch that really stand out though. “She had to love herself first” is a cool piece that fits into this forum quite well!!

jeffery robinson art
Who are your favorite artists?
Another huge list lol monet, goya, dali, picasso, banksy, basquiat to name a few
Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Modellist-ID?
A few of my fave friend models already are like Cait Alexander and Charmaine San Pedro. I think Lily Chan, Megan Mane and Alisse Andrews would also be good to see on your great site.
What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?
I really like what you are doing with the industry, you give models a voice and unique exposure!
Keep connected with model and artist Jeffery Robinson:

Instagram: @jeffreyrobinsonart


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