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April 16, 2016 by Jonathan Augustijn

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It all started out with Joe Navarro, a special agent and supervisor for the FBI. After 25 years of experience he focussed on nonverbal communications and human behavior: body language. We all know about the importance of posture and gestures, but what about hair language?

How can we communicate with our hair? Of course, there are various haircuts and styles, which already say a lot about you. But without noticing we touch our hair in many ways, which tells a lot more about us. Whether we flirt, are shy, dance ecstatically, are angry, interested, bored, tired, feel confident, insecure or happy – touching our hair we can say a lot without using words.

Different from linguistics, everybody has their own hair language. While there are some common gestures, which are more or less the same for most people, even personal expressions in terms of hair gestures are universally understood. Whether your hair language is universal like English, passionate like Italian, complicated like Chinese, exotic like Egyptian Hieroglyphs or sensual like French. Then there’s beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, which I guess speaks for itself and is understood in every language.

Watch this video to learn the hair language of model & blogger Sanny Verhoeven:

Sanny underwent a Kérastase Nutritive treatment and lets her hair language do the rest.

What is your hair language?

Share it with us and use #hairlanguage

And if you need just a bit of extra help to express yourself, try Kérastase treatments and products just like Sanny Verhoeven and January Jones.

January Jones kerastase nutritive model hair language

Model & actress January Jones for the Kérastase Nutritive line

Kerastase L'oreal nutritive

Kérastase Nutritive nourishing hair care products add moisture, softness & suppleness to normal, dry and very dry hair

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